How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi without Original Remote

If you forget or lost your Apple TV remote control, you can control Apple TV from iPad or iPhone remote app. But in order to use iPhone or iPad remote app, your iOS device needs to be on the same wireless network as your Apple TV.
Without any keyboard, the only way you can join a Wireless network on Apple TV is with a remote.
But i discovered one new solution. Apple TV will learn/respond to the signals from most of the remote controls. They need 6 keys : up, down, left, right, select and back. In order to use this method you need to connect your TV to a wired ethernet network (ADSL modem/router).
You can’t setup wireless network option when ethernet cable is connected. You can get the temporary remote setup when Apple TV connected to wired network. Then unplug the ethernet cable and use the new remote to configure WiFi network.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to TV where you need to use it. Then plug into the network via ethernet cable.
  2. Ensure your iPad or iPhone is already connected to the same network using WiFi. Then use the iOS remote app to connect to and control your Apple TV (Remember : You can’t configure Wireless network when wired connection enabled and so as soon as you disconnected wired network, your iPad or iPhone remote app will not be able to communicate with Apple TV).
  3. Find the remote which has key for up, down, left, right, back and select.
  4. Use your iPad or iPhone remote app to navigate the General menu option and go to Remotes menu option. Apple TV general Settings
  5. Choose “Learn Remote” from the Remotes menu options. If you have your remote ready and then choose “start”Apple TV learn remote
  6. Apple TV will popup a options box to press the appropriate remote button (holding it down) for each command until it recognised it. Apple TV remote option
  7. After it learn the buttons for each of the 6 commands, it will all you to name the remote.
  8. Now you have a remote which is working with Apple TV. Disconnect the wired cable (ethernet) and go to the General -> Network settings and configure WiFi with right security settings as provided by your host/resort.
    After it connected, you can able to communicate with your Apple TV with iPad or iPhone again or use your temporary remote.

That’s all.

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Dear Apple,
Thank you.
Thank you for creating a device that, when the slim and trim remote gets lost (all the time) and you happen to have a situation where the device loses its wifi info, you're left with a brick.
Thank you.

Not to put a damper on these great comments especially from the Earth (Love it) – but this fix worked like a charm and pretty much rescued me from a horrible night without Netflix – a big shout out to say THANKS! You are a life saver.

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