Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts, Cheat Sheet PDF, Poster

List of All Mac OS X shortcuts. Most of the shortcuts works with Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion.

Clipboard & Edit

Cut Cmd-X Select All Cmd-A
Copy Cmd-C Autocomplete Esc
Paste Cmd-V Undo Cmd-Z
Paste and Match Style Shift-Option-Cmd-V Redo Shift-Cmd-Z
Show Accents Menu Press & hold key Lookup in dictionary Ctrl-Cmd-D Show/hide spelling & Grammer Cmd :
Page Setup Shift-Cmd-P  Print Cmd-P

Mac OS X General Keyboard shortcuts (click the image)
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Image source:

This Poster contain basic Mac keyboard shortcuts like Keyboard access, Find & Replace etc.

Applications & Windows

Toggle Full screen mode Ctrl+Cmd+F  Switch Applications Shift-Cmd-Tab
Minimize (All) Option+Cmd+M  Cycle Through Apps Windows  Cmd-`
Close All Option+Cmd+M  Quit Application Cmd-Q
Hide Application Cmd-H Force Quit Option-Cmd-Esc
Hide All other Applications Option-Cmd-H Force Quit Foreground App Shift-Option-Cmd-Esc
Application Preferences Cmd , Move Background Windows Cmd Click + Drag
Activate Menu Ctrl-F2 Help Cmd ?

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts for developers (click the image)
Mac OS X developer keyboard shortcuts

Image source: Stackoverflow

This Mac OS X keyboard cheat sheet contain advanced shortcuts for Dock, Launchpad, Spotlight, Mission Control etc.

Show Fonts Cmd+T Copy Style Option-
Show Colors  Shift-Cmd-C Paste Style  Option-Cmd-V
Bold Cmd-B Paste and match Style Option-Shift-Cmd-V
Italic Cmd-I Align left Cmd {
Underline Cmd-U Align Center Cmd |
Bigger Cmd + Align Right Cmd }
Smaller Cmd – Show Ruler Cmd-R
Special Characters Option-Cmd-T Copy Ruler Ctrl-Cmd-C
Add link Cmd- Paste Ruler Ctrl-Cmd-V


Entire Screen Shift-Cmd-3
Selected Area Shift-Cmd-4
Resize Area Spacebar, Shift
Window Shift-Cmd-4, Spacebar, Click

Shutdown & Sleep

Shutdown immediately Ctrl-Option-Cmd-Eject
Restart immediately Ctrl-Cmd-Eject
Sleep immediately Option-Cmd-Eject
Show Shutdown dialog Ctrl-Eject
Sleep Display(s) Ctrl-Shift-Eject

Boot Keys

Eject CD Hold left mouse button Start from NetBoot Server N
Safe boot Shift Startup in Verbose Mode Cmd-V
Boot From CD/DVD C Startup in Single-user Mode Cmd-S
Show Startup Manager Option Target Disk Mode T
Force OS X Startup X

If you knew any other good Mac shortcuts poster, cheat sheet or PDF files, inform us via comment.

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