How to Connect an Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi (Quick way)

when you are in the hotel you want to connect Apple Tv with hotel Wi-Fi. In order to connect Apple TV to hotel Wi-Fi, you have to click agree on a webpage. But the webpage, not pop up on Apple TV, or do you how to connect properly? So here is the article I will show how to connect Apple Tv to hotel Wi-Fi. For that,

connect hotel wi-fi to apple tv

Method 1:-

Find the Apple TV MAC address

  1. First, you need to find your Apple TV MAC address.
  2. Connect your Apple TV to the TV and turn both on.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. And tap on the General.
  5. Now select About.
  6. The Mac address labeled as “Wi-Fi address” looking like this : 0:13:2b:cc:bc:aa.
  7. Write down the MAC address.

Contact Hotel’s service provider

  1. Contact hotel support provider (support number).
  2. Once it connected, explain you need to connect your Apple TV to Hotel Wi-Fi by registering your Mac address.
  3. They will ask a lot of questions for confirmation. So, stay connected.
  4. Follow the instructions to register the MAC address.
  5. After that, on Apple TV navigate to Settings.
  6. Tap on the General.
  7. And select Network.
  8. Now choose the Wi-Fi and select Hotel Wi-Fi.

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Method 2 : (If you have MacBook Pro or iMac)

  1. Connect your MacBook Air/iMac to Hotel’s ethernet using an Ethernet cable. Navigate the process required to connect your computer to the Hotel network.
  2. Go to System Preferences and select the Sharing option.
  3. Then select Internet Sharing.
  4. Change Share your connection from: to Ethernet. (It allows you to use your MacBook Wi-Fi as a hotspot).
  5. Check the checkbox “To Computer Using: “ Wi-Fi. Choose the Wi-Fi option at the bottom if you want secure Wi-Fi. Change the Network name.
  6. Select the checkbox beside internet sharing and press start.
  7. You should see another icon replace your current Wi-Fi icon on the top right of the screen.
  8. Now set up a network on Apple TV to find the Hotspot you created. Restart the Apple TV for changes to take the effect.

Method 3: Using Terminal to connect Wi-Fi

First, get the MAC address of the Apple TV.

  1. Open the Terminal on your MAC.
  2. Then type the following comments ” sudo ifconfig en1 ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX “and here X is the Apple TV password.
  3. Next, enter your admin password.
  4. Now connect hotel Wi-Fi and accept the terms conditions, then Forget the Network and Disconnect it.
  5. Then Go back to the Terminal and type ” sudo ifconfig en1 ether YY:YY:YY:YY:YY:YY ” and here is the Y is Wi-Fi card original Mac.
  6. After that Turn on Apple TV and connect to Hotel Wi-Fi. That’s it.

That is it, guys. These are methods to connect Apple TV to hotel Wi-Fi. If you have any doubts or suggestions let me know through the comments. Thank you.

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Or just get a WiFi Extender, connect Extender to hotel’s WiFi and connect AppleTV to WiFi Extender. Way simpler

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