10 Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and iPad

Communication skill is the most expected quality of each one professional and personal career. When we learn a language we have to use the words properly. To develop the ability to use words, we need strong vocabulary. iPhone and iPad users have best dictionary apps to handle the language more easily. Most of the app help us play word games and learn new words every day making our task routine. When we are reading book or newspaper, heard a new word from neighbors or colleagues finding the meaning of it is a made easy with the app's discussed.

1.Dictionary.com (Free)
dictionary com

Dictionary.com is a dictionary app for iPhone for free of cost though it also has some specialized dictionaries for a particular field that are charged.  It is one of the popular online dictionary websites. The word bank of Dictionary.com is huge with 2,000,000 words with definitions, synonyms and antonyms included along with the Thesaurus. The main feature of this app is an audio option. Audio pronunciation lets you know how to pronounce any words correctly. Dictionary.com helps to know a feature of a word and how to learn a new word every day. This app works both offline and online and has a voice search to make search quick. We can even translate any word into 25 languages and have a quiz widget to learn words. This app allows buying an additional specialized dictionary and it contains grammar, writing, science and more.

2. Merriam -Webster Dictionary (Free)
merriem webster
Merriam-Webster Dictionary is iPhone dictionary app with the features found in American English definitions is same as the collegiate version of the same. We have favorites to store mostly used words and past access to the definitions can be viewed in recent history. We have phonetics and even playback the word as audio. The sample sentence available make the meaning and definition sensible. We also have “Daily word” option and a voice search option to search for words. We can use the integrated Thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms for any word.

3. Dictionary (Free)
Dictionary a free dictionary app for iPhone and iPad has a powerful word bank with 200,000 definitions with an inbuilt Thesaurus. The app works best both online and offline is best suitable for multilingual which translates English into 40 languages like French, Spanish. Instead of searching word for its meaning we can also use definitions and find words in Wiktionary have idiom videos and idiom for a day. We can even play word games with fun. There are audio pronunciations and etymology to strengthen the vocabulary

4. Wordweb Dictionary (Free)
Wordweb Dictionary is dictionary app for iPhone for users to check for the words used in context. There is a Thesaurus along with the dictionary. We also have search filters to choose a noun, adjectives, verbs, etc. The app is best suitable for those playing within scrabble, crossword puzzles can utilize this app. The app is easy,fast, portable with 280,000 words,phrases,70,000 usage samples,85,000 text pronunciation. It works offline also and also has search filter to search noun, verb, adjective, adverbs.

5. Oxford Dictionary (Free)
Oxford Dictionary is a dictionary app for iPhone and iPad users who are learners. The app has a bulk collection with 350,000 words, phrases and meanings. It also guide us how to use words and has 75000 audio pronunciations of rare and common words with variant pronunciations. The app works in offline mode with the features called favorite to customize the recently used words.

6. Collins English dictionary ($29.99)
Collins dictionary
Collins English Dictionary is iPhone and iPad dictionary app that has 2 billion words and definitions being constantly updated and modified. Mostly useful for advanced students and professionals with the dialect and regional terms added. We also can experience fuzzy filters and wildcard search features of the app. The volume of words and definitions make the app as a special choice.

7. Word vault ($3.99)
word vault

Word vault is more than a dictionary app for iPhone and iPad, it allows to keep track of all words that we would wish to have. The features include Lookup definition, attach notes, check other apps using URL support feature. It works both offline and online. We can review words daily and quiz with the Added words. Altogether the app allows us to save and look up words which also work with many another app.

8. Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus ($2.99)
visual dictionary
Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus is a dictionary app that has a unique way of representing words. A visual representation of a word denoting how the word is connected to others. This app has 190,000 words and 70,000 uses, with sample sentence. The app is special with its visual approach if we are not familiar with the language visual approach describe best.  It also acts as a pretty good dictionary.

9. Logos Bible (Free)
Logos bible
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. Using this app we can also access many of favorite Bible translations including ESV, NASB, NLT, NKJV etc. This app permits you to create your own reading plan.


  1. Read your favorite Bible.
  2. Personalize and share.
  3. A Bible study library.

10. Word Lookup (Free)
word lookup
Word Lookup is a dictionary app for iPhone and iPad that helps to learn new words by playing. The work of it is like anagram finder. When we scramble any 7 letters this app finds many valid and subwords. This app has more than 170,000 English words including letters, words, all vowels, not followed by u, all consonants except y and more. We can use word definition to understand use them in a perfect place.

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