6 Best Free Antivirus for iPhone – Apps to Scan & Protect your Phone

If you want to protect all your data stored on your iOS device for that you should install the best Antivirus apps for iPhone or iPad. There are a lot of antivirus applications are available in iTunes store. You can download those applications and protects your iOS device from unwanted threats. I do a lot of searches and finally, I listed some of the best antivirus apps for iPhone or iPad. Following are:

1.Lookout Mobile Security

Using this app you backup your personal data, contacts, and photos automatically. Suppose if you lost your mobile data, mobile is theft or any other threat, the Lookout Mobile Security backs up in each case.


  1. If your battery is getting dead it saves the last location of iPhone.
  2. This app helps to takes a regular backup automatically.
  3. Backup your contacts and you can transfer the backup anytime from one device to another.
  4. You can find your lost phone by using AppleWatch app.

2. Norton Mobile Security (free)
Norton Mobile Security is also known for delivering a reliable protection for iPhone and iPad. In antivirus industry, this app contains the biggest name. It contains contact backup that allows you to easily restore contacts across your mobile devices. This app helps to find your iPhone if it gets lost.
Using an Internet connection we can remotely locate our phone from any place.


  1. It automatically saves your device location when the battery is low.
  2. Restore your contacts.
  3. You can easily find your lost iPhone or iPad using a map with the remote locate feature.
  4. Remote call lets you place an Internet call to your missing device and make arrangements to get it back.

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3. Avira Mobile Security (Free)
Avira Mobile Security is the best antivirus apps for iPhone and iPad. In this app, community support helps to post your questions and get answers quickly.


  1. If you lost your device for that use the calling feature to call and find the lost device.
  2. Connect the Avira dashboard with 5 devices to make ‘Yell' sound.

4. F-Secure Safe
Compare to all another antivirus app this app contains the best Internet security for all devices. Internet Security helps to keep your personal information secure on your iPhone and iPad while browsing.


  1. Explore the Internet safely.
  2. Access only safe banking sites.
  3. Available in 20+ languages.
  4. Locate your lost device.
  5. Protect your children from unsuitable web content.

5. McAfee Mobile Security (Free)
This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. It contains decent looking interface but also it is very simple to understand. McAfee Mobile Security is built with high-security features. So we can keep our personal data safely in laptops or in PCs.


  1. SecureSnap helps to save all our photos to a secure vault.
  2. Backup and restore contacts.
  3. Using auto file encryption you can take secure photos.
  4. Set Remote Alarm to locate your lost or stolen device, even in silent mode.

6. Trend Micro Mobile Security (Free)
trend micro
Trend Micro Mobile Security allows the users to secure iOS devices easily. This app blocks the unwanted websites which cause harm to your iPhone. We can also place online activities in this app.


  1. We can backup all our contacts and also share it across multiple platforms.
  2. Trend Micro Mobile Security helps to identify the lost device by using GPS, cell towers, or Wi-Fi.
  3. This app protects a secure browser which helps to block fake websites.
  4. Safeguard your privacy on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Monitors data usage.

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