Best Photo Effects & Filter Apps for iPhone

The increase in the usage of friends network also attracts people to take selfie and group photos merge them, comment on photos, tag photos with customized works. iPhone users can edit, filter and add effects to their photos using any one of the best collection of photo editing app. We are allowed to choose our photo editing app among different apps based on creative required. Some of the interesting photo editing app for iPhone are listed here.

1.PicsArt Photo Studio (Free)
PicsArt Photo Studio is a massive photo editor. It is a photo editing app for iPhone with many photo editing tools to design photos according to desire.The text property has many font features that are help to enhance the text. This app also contains variety of stickers and emoji to be placed in the photo for fun lovers.  Million of users use PicsArt Photo Studio because  it offers hundreds of filters for pictures, collage layout and powerful photo editing tools like picture blending, picture cropping, adding text and more. You also create your own stickers and share them with your friends in Remix Chat and on your profile.

2. Filterra (Free)
Filterra is a photo editing app for iPhone with so many effects and filters to enhance the photo to a good looking one. Tag your photos with Filterra. The best photo will be shared on our Instagram profile. This app work with the iOS devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad, iPod touch (4th, 5th and 6th generation).  It is one of the best photo editing app. While editing the photo you can compare selected filters or effects. Save the best result.

3. PhotoLab (Free)
photo lab
Photo Lab is a pretty cool app. More than 18,000 new users download Photo Lab every single day.  Photo Lab contains more than 600 awesome effects for your photos including

  1. Realistic photo montage.
  2. stylish photo filters.
  3. beautiful frames.
  4. fun face montages
  5. holiday e-card templates.
  6. creative artistic effects.
  7. collages for multiple photos.

It contains neat interface and built-in photo editor. Very basic tools are in built-in photo editor. Tools are: crop, rotate, adjust colors, lightening and sharpness and even touch-up.

4. SuperPhoto (Free)
The Super photo is a photo editing app for iPhone that has an elegant user interface and easy to use features.The 208 effects make the app special among many of its kind.Do you believe?the full version of the app consists of 1300 effects and filters.And it is surprising that the procession of the app comes without ads, to work without any hindrance and interruption.

  1. Use your gallery, camera & Facebook photos.
  2. Categories: Filters, 3D, Combos, Bokeh, Frames, Textures, Patterns and Brushes.
  3. Favorites bookmark.
  4. 100+ cool unlocked features.

5. Fotor Photo Editor (Free)
Foto Photo Editor
Fotor Photo editor is a Photo Editing app for iPhone with speed intuitive user interface. It allows to edit and add multiple effects to get creative and innovative photos.We can make a photo collage, add frames to photos, add funny or stylish quotes and captions to our photos.This free app is worth and allows us to include many additional features and filter features.

6.Enlight ($3.99)
Enlight is a photo editing app for iPhone that has all features that a photo editor must need to satisfy a user need.It avoids the need for multiple apps using each for a different feature.The basic features like color adjustment, cropping, and some filters edit photos along with text on images, artistic effects like painting and watercolors, double exposure, Instagram-ready borders and more.The app is really convenient and worth to be paid and to be had in any photographic toolbox.

7. Hipstamatic ($2.99)
Hipstamatic is a photo editing app that supports to capture out of the ordinary photo. For photo lovers, those who want a retroactive way to capture fun photos they can go for this app. There are two distinct ways to capture photos: Classic mode and Pro mode. Classic allow revel in a touch of analog goodness and Pro mode allows adjusting a number of different levels to have a perfect shot.The app also features 20 professional adjustment tools,12 signature presets. We have fun in swiping through different lens, flashes and films. It’s great that even before Instagram the app allowed to use fun filters.

8. Pixomatic ($4.99)
Pixomatic is a photo editing app that helps remove and change image backgrounds accurately and conveniently.The features that support remove or replace background are the blue background to enhance the depth of field.We can create dynamic gray-scale images from original color images ad apply filters to edit images.Image color can be adjusted with speed and precision.Even crop and flip images, smooth images, adjust shadows and set capacities with this app.The app also helps to manipulate image perspectives according to the device and audience.It’s fun to edit photos with this app.

9. Colorburn ($0.99)
Colorburn is a photo editing app for iPhone with a huge selection of photo filter options that include 1000 filters camera.The app includes grid filter and a split photography tool.We can use simple adjustments to edit photos for brightness, contrast, cropping, and intensity to develop creative photos.It allows us to save favorite to use them again easily.

10.Mextures ($1.99)
Mextures is a photo editing app for iPhone with many features.There are over 150 original textures which include analog light leaks, gritty and grainy film textures, dusty vintage film scans, tasteful grunge and perfectly timed gradients.The app also includes unlimited layering effect.The feature includes changing the texture, blend mode, rotation of a layer and much more. We can tweak the adjustment setting while editing processing is going on.Ultimately it is an easy to use the app with high-quality textures.

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