5 Best iPhone & iPad Text Editing Apps 2020

Do you know how to choose a text editor app? Basically, we will pick an editor which offers more features for writing. Many of the people have a confusion while choosing their text editor. I hope that this article will help you to pick a perfect text editor for your iPhone and iPad.
Following texts editing apps are only available on the app store of iOS devices.
Ulysses is the ultimate text editor app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It provides focused and pleasant writing experience to you. You can generate Markdown and HTML files. Now, import your files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other locations and start editing with Ulysses. It supports so many languages including English, French, and German. It supports iOS 10 and later versions.
Using Ulysses you can transform your document into PDFs, eBooks, or words documents. Now, this app also supports WordPress publishing. Ulysses needs a subscription. It offers monthly and yearly subscription plans.
2. 1Writer
1Writer is one of the most powerful text editor for both iPhone and iPad. It offers all basic and necessary editing features. Using this app you can also create Markdown files. 1 Writer URL scheme or Share Extension is used to generate, share, and replace text directly with any other apps. You can create a document on iCloud using this app. It offers you offline editing.
Use Touch ID and Passcode to protect your files. It offers you four colors themes. When you use this app in landscape mode, it offers you an extraordinary dark theme. It supports iOS 9.3 and later versions.
3. iWriter Pro
i Writer Pro is a simple and stylish text editor for both iPhone and iPad. If you want to hide the keyboard while writing, just swipe it down with one finger. It doesn’t support .docx, .doc, and .rtf files. Just tap the status bar to go to the top of the text while writing. It supports only two languages such as English and Russian.
Change Markdown files into PDF or HTML format using this text editor. Keyboard shortcuts also available here. The keyboard of iWriter pro comes with the arrow key and markdown marks. It supports iOS 11 and later versions.
4. Byword
Byword is one of the best Markdown text editor app for iPhone and iPad. It supports only plain text documents. You can create Markdown files with this app. Export your Markdown files into HTML or PDF format using this app. It is very useful bloggers, students, writers, reporters, and business people.
You can use this app on iOS 9.0 and later versions. This app will support only English language. It provides you WordPress publishing option which is very useful to the people who are running blogs. It offers exporting options, preview features, and various type of editing tools.
5. Editorial
Editorial is the finest text editor for both iPhone and iPad. It allows you to work offline. When you connect to the internet, change will be synced automatically. Edit on multiple apps with this app. It offers configurable actions and snippet support. It is a plain text editor.
If you want to search something while editing, you don’t need to close the app. Just open the new tab and search what you want. Smart keyboard is available here which specially designed to edit Markdown files.

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