How to Convert a file to Zip, Extract zip and Unzip files on iPhone & iPad

convert files to zip files on iPhone/iPad

Zipping and UnZipping files are an easy process on Mac or PC, but on iPhone that seemed difficult. Only after the Software Update, it was easier. The latest version of iOS has proved lots of updates and features as like that it has come with compressing files as well. This article will guide you on “How to Zip, UnZip and extract files on iPhone and iPad”.

How to convert a file into a Zip file?

Zip File

  1. Launch Files on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select a file that you have to convert into a Zip file.
  3. At the bottom right corner, select the three dots for more options.
  4. Now choose Compress. 

How to Extract files from a Zip file?

Extract Zip File

  1. Launch Files and choose a Zip file that you want to extract.
  2. Now just tap on the file to extract files.

How to UnZip files?

Unzip Files

  1. Navigate to Files and select a Zip file for UnZipping.
  2. Then tap on the three-dot and choose Uncompress.
  3. Thus the file will be UnZipped.

Guys, this is a simple method to zip, extract, and Unzip files on iPhone and iPad. I hope this will help you to fix this issue. And if you have any suggestions or doubts leave that in the comment section.

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