How to Save Battery Life on MacBook Pro, Air 2024

Save battery Life on MacBook Pro, Air

Recently, Mac users are reporting that battery life has been significantly reducing since installing Mojave. After the update, the Mac battery is draining more quickly. After some research, we found some ways to increase Battery life in MacBook Pro/Air.  So this article helps you to fix this problem.

Fix 1: Change the Display Settings

1. On Mac, go to System Preferences and Click Energy Saver Or Press Cmd+Space bar.
2. Now a search box will appear, Enter as Energy Saver.
3. Then, Adjust Display Sleep time to turn off.
4. Check all Options are Enabled.

6. Choose the Power Adapter option.
7. Then, Check all options are Enabled.

Fix 2: Turn Off Bluetooth on your device

1. Make sure that the Bluetooth option is Off. If it's On, then turn Off it. This will surely help you to solve the issue on your device.

Fix 3: Enable Automatic Brightness Adjustment

1. Go to System Preferences.
2. And click the Display option.
3. Then Enable the Automatically adjust brightness option.

Fix 4:- Turn off  Location Services

1. Go to System Preferences.
2. And select Security & Privacy.
3. In Privacy Options, Disable the Location Services.

Fix 5: Turn Off Notifications

1. Click Notification (top right corner of the desktop).
2. Then, Turn Off Notifications.

Fix 6:  Reset NVRAM or PRAM

1. Turn off your Mac.
2. Power On the Button and immediately press keys Option, Command, P, and R.
3. Release the keys after 20 seconds.

Fix 7: Turn off Automatic Updates

1. Open System Preferences.
2. Click “Software Update”.
3. Disable the “Automatically keep my Mac up to date” option, Give the password to confirm if needed.
4. “Turn Off Automatic Updates” option.

How to Increase MacBook Battery Life

Apple laptops have battery power of up to 8 to 12 hours depending on the model. Here I am providing a few tips to increase your MacBook battery life. Okay without further ado, let's get started.

Choose Energy Saver System Preferences:

  • Go to Apple-> System Preferences and choose Energy Saver.
  • Choose the Battery tab and set Computer Sleep and Display sleep sliders to 5 minutes.
  • Tick the check box Put the Hard Disk(s) to Sleep when possible option.

Turn off Spotlight:

  • If you want to disable Spotlight, Open Spotlight preferences and select the Privacy tab.
  • Drag your Mac hard drive to the privacy list. Now spotlight will be disabled.

Turn off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi:

  • Unwanted Bluetooth usage drains your battery. So turn off Bluetooth if you are not used.
  • In the menu bar, choose the Bluetooth icon and click the Turn off Bluetooth option. or  Go to System preferences -> Bluetooth and click the Turn off option.
  • If you are not using the internet or mail. Turn off Wi-Fi.
  • Choose the AirPort in the menu bar and then click Turn off Wi-Fi.

Turn off Mail's auto-check mode:

  • Go to Mail preferences and change the check for the new messages tab manually.

Do not use intensive apps:

  • Avoid graphically intensive apps like 3D games or video editing applications. Also, close unused apps.

Unplug MacBook after charge:

  • Do not leave your MacBook plugged in. This can affect your battery capacity. So regularly discharge the battery.

Mute Sound to avoid extraneous alerts:

Tap the Mute sound button.

Find Apps that use a lot of energy:

You can easily find which app uses significant amounts of energy.

Method 1:-

Choose the battery icon in the menu bar and check under apps using significant energy. So use low-energy alternative apps instead of energy-hungry apps.

Method 2:-

  • Go to Applications/Utilities and open the Activity monitor.
  • Then click the Energy tab, and energy impact header to view the apps and processes that are currently using the most energy on your Mac.
  • Use the Activity Monitor app to find detailed information about energy usage.

Don't forget to eject CD/DVD, SD cards, external drives, and 4G modem:

If your Mac book has a super drive, inserted disc media will sometimes spin up, draining the battery. So don't forget to remove these peripherals.

Don't Stream movies and Videos: 

  • If you watch movies and videos while connected to the internet or wi-fi. It will quickly deplete all of your batteries.
  • So simply download the movies you want and watch them. It keeps the battery level medium.

This article will help Mac users to get battery life longer. Thank you for reading and keep supporting

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