How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number Online

Finding someone's location using their phone number is both challenging and exciting. Most people doubt that it is really possible.

Yes. It's possible. But most of the reliability and legality of this service is questionable. So my advice is always to stick with the legitimate path and use the proper legal way to find their location if necessary.

There are lots and a lot of apps available to track people's location and their current activity. But you have to install a particular app on the targeted device. But in this article, I only listed the services that offer mobile tracing using the phone number

Here’s how to track someone's location using their phone number.



Just enter the phone number you want to find the location and get the person's precise location on the map regardless of the SIM network.

You don’t need to worry about their cell phone models or SIM provider. It keeps your geolocation request totally anonymous. Also, you don’t need to install any software to track their location.

So How its Work?

You sent the SMS to the phone number owner with a link. The device owner shares their location. You see their location on the map.


Create an account in using your email address. Set the login password and add the phone number you want to track. will send the text message to the number you entered and it will find the mobile location.

Then you will get the exact location using your email. Then you can see the location in the map.

Note: The target device must have an active internet connection and SIM card.


You don’t need to install any additional app to find their location.


It is up to the phone number user to decide to accept your location request.

Intelius ($0.95 for 6 days reverse phone number lookup trial, $34.95 for full 1-month membership)


You can easily find particular phone number owner information, address, photos, and social media profiles using this online tool.


Your search for the owner of the phone number is kept confidential.



Spokeo offers a reverse phone lookup service to find caller identity and location. You can find person and social media profiles using this tool.


It searches billions o phone directories to find personal information.

Find the person's name, age, gender, email address, social media profiles, dating profiles, photos, current address, residential address, location, and family members' details.

I hope these services will definitely going to help you to find the person's location using the phone number they have.

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