How to use Burst Mode on iPhone – View photos, disable burst mode

In olden days people use digital camera to take photos. But nowadays they take maximum number of photos through iPhone. Some people doesn’t have idea about use of camera in iOS devices.
Below guide explains about how to use burst mode in Apple’s latest iOS 10, 9.
Burst mode is used to take clear photo of ideal or moving object. You can take 10 photos at a time and choose an excellent photo from all of them.
How to shoot burst photo:

  • Click  on the Camera App on your iPhone.

Tap on camera app1

  • Once camera frames the shot around your objects right, click  shutter button which appears at bottom of the screen.
  • You can see icon ‘counter’ at the bottom of the screen. This indicates how many photos are taken in this short period. Using this mode we take 999 photos and in burst mode we takes 10 photos per second.

a counter on the screen

  • Finally tab on white circle in the bottom of screen to take photo. In this mode bunch of photos are taken and saved automatically in library.

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How to delete unlike burst photo on iPhone 6:

  • From the photos app, locate the cluster of burst images taken.
  • Select favourite one and then click “Done” button.
  • iPhone will ask you either to ‘keep everything’ or ‘keep only favorite’. In this way you can either save favourite photos and delete unlike photos from the burst images taken.

use burst mode on iPhone 6 choose any one optionHow to View burst photos:View burst hotos

  • Open Photos app and locate the cluster of burst images.
  • Click Select available at the bottom of the screen.
  • We can view all burst images here.

How to save individual burst photo:individual burst photo

  • In photos app locate the cluster of burst images that you want to view.
  • Tap Select.
  • You can view all the burst images that you have taken.
  • Select favourite picture from the cluster and tap Done in the upper right corner.

How to Disable/Turned off burst mode on iPhone

  • Turn on the “FLASH”. Bust mode automatically disabled.
  • Also do not hold the capture button down. Just press and release.
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