Best USB Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

USB-flash-drive for iPhone

When our iPhone storage is full, we usually perform backups. A USB cable, as well as a laptop or PC, are required. We can't provide adequate backup without them. But what about when we're on vacation or on business? It is not possible. So, here is the article. I'll show you a gadget that allows you to wirelessly transfer data from your iPhone to your PC or Mac. However, the market is flooded with Flash Drives and Photo Sticks. But even so, picking the best one is difficult. Here are the top 5 flash drive for iPhone and iPad.

PL ZMPWLQ Flash Drive for iPhone($38.99)

ZMPWLQ Pen drive for iPhone

The ZMPWLQ flash drive speeds up data and media transfers. This photo stick has storage capacities ranging from 128GB to 512GB. So there's no need to be concerned about storage. This is your best option for your iPhone. Compared to USB-C type pen drives, it has very fast read and write speeds. This comes with its own HI Pro app. As a result, you can save your photos and important files with a single click. It is compatible with all iPhone and iPad models that have received an iOS update. As a result, it does not support 12.9-inch displays or USB C ports.

Warranty: 18 month  

idoove Pendrive(Flash drive)($35.99) 

idoove flash drive for iPhone and iPad

idoove is a pocket-sized flash drive. So, you can carry it in your pocket. It has 128GB of storage. The idoove transfer speed is 80MB/s reading and 30MB/s writing. Thus, it allows you to transfer files in seconds. This has a USB 3.0 transfer speed of 30MB/s reading and 15MB/s writing. Its ID stick app streams video and music from your iPhone's flash drive. If you lose your idoove flash drive, your data is safe in the ID stick app.

Warranty: 18 month  

JDTDC Photo Stick($39.99) 

JDTDC Flash Drive

This JDTDC flash drive is MFi certified and comes with an MFi app. It comes in two sizes: 128GB and 512GB. While your iPhone is connected to the flash drive, you can watch movies and videos. It provides a higher transmission speed, with the Lightning port capable of 15MB/s read and 10MB/s write. Its USB 3.0 port has a read speed of 80MB/s and a write speed of 40MB/s.

Warranty: 18 month  

iDiskk Flash Drive for iPhone ($39.99) 

iDiskk Flash drive for iPhone and iPad

iDiskk is a multi-port flash drive that works with iPhone, Android, PC, and Mac computers. Its capacities range from 128GB to 512GB. This portable mini size easily fits into your bag or pocket. It automatically backs up your iPhone photos and videos via the app. While connecting Flash drives to your iPhone, you can watch movies and listen to music.

Warranty: 18 month  

PNY Duo link Flash drive for iPhone($45.99)  

PNY Flash drive

By using a USB 3.0 OTG flash drive, you can free up space on your iPhone. With the Duo link Pendrive, you can back up all of your photos, media, and files. You can even use the lighting port on your iPhone to charge it. Stream video and movies from anywhere and at any time with the duo link 4 app. There is no requirement for an internet connection. It works with all iPhone and Mac models. These are available in iOS 8.0 and OS 10.8.

Warranty: 18 month  


That's it, guys, this is the best  Flash drive for iPhone and iPad(Photo Stick). If you know of any other products besides this one, please let me know in the comments section. And thank you for continuing to support

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