How to Turn On/Off Limit Ad Tracking on iPhone? (Advertising)

Limit Ad Tracking is one of the useful features on iOS devices. This setting helps to improve your privacy and protect your information from advertising. So, let us see how to enable this setting.

Purpose of turning Off Limit Ad Tracking?
Some apps, basically the Gaming Apps will not be processed while this option is turned On.
How to Enable Limit Ad Tracking
If you are new to the iPhone or using a new iPhone, change this setting.

  1. Go to Settings ->Privacy -> Advertising.
  2. Now toggle On Limit Ad Tracking.

Note: If you want to turn Off this setting, just toggle Off.
What do to if this feature is Grayed Out?
Don’t worry when you see this feature is grayed out on your iPhone. Here’s how to sort out this issue.

  1. Firstly, Launch Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Then tap on Screen Time ->Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  3. Next, scroll down and tap on Advertising.
  4. Enter the Passcode (if asked).
  5. Now select Allow. This will help you to sort out this issue.

Note: Make sure that the Content & Privacy Restrictions is turned On.
Hope this will sort out your problem with Limit Ad Tracking on your iPhone. If you have any other suggestion, leave that in the comment box.

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