Turn off Siri App Suggestions in iOS 12

In the iPhone Siri app is an interesting app.  Here we can speak anything and then it gives the result. Siri app syncs your information from an iOS12 device. Here information will be sent to apple to”make your search response”. In this, all of the information will be sync but it is not necessary to use this feature because of security issues or you don’t want to use in the certain app to show suggestion. Let’s see how to enable and disable Siri.
Turn Off Siri App:

  1. Tab to Settings->siri & search.
  2. Scroll down you may find” suggestions in search “and then” turn off “by following this you feel free.

Turn Off Siri App In Lock Screen iPhone:

  1. By using the home button press it for wake up.
  2. Then swipe left so that you find widget screen.
  3. Scroll down you get “edit” a tap on then you get password screen to enter your password or touch ID.
  4. Now it shows a list of menu among it “red button with minus sign at the left corner “click it and it shows “remove” tap it.
  5. click done.

Turn Off Siri Suggestion For Particular App:

  1. Go to Settings-> Siri & search.
  2. Scroll down in Siri & search it will show a list of apps that working on the feature.
  3. For each and every app there will have turn off and turn on button.
  4. Select the particular app you don’t want to show the Siri suggestion.
  5. Tap turn off button to hide the app from Siri.

Hope this intrusion useful for you guys. If any other ideas on it, please share your ideas in commands. Thank you…

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