How to Turn Off/Disable Autocorrect on iPhone X

Auto-Correction is a disturbing one while we are typing on iPhone. Autocorrection causes irritation while we are texting with someone. Because if we type one word, it will change automatically into another word. We can’t use the language as we like. Auto-Correction is helpful only when you use English. So many people want to turn off this option on their iPhone.
You can also see the predictions (predictive) while typing. They create confusion on the spelling of the word that we type. Here I am going to tell you how to turn off Autocorrection and Predictive on your iPhone.
1. Go to Settings.settings
2. Scroll down to find “General” and tap it.general iphoe x
3. Scroll down to find “Keyboard” and tap it.keyboard iphone
4. Toggle off (turn off) “Auto-Correction”.auto correction
5. And then turn off “Predictive” too on the same page.predictive iphone

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