How to Stop All iOS Devices Ringing When iPhone Gets a Call

So many iPhone users noticed this thing, if they get a incoming call to iPhone then all other iOS devices including iPad, Mac (which is running under OS X Yosemite) and other iOS devices are ringing with same number at the same time. Many people faced this issue after updating their old iPhone 5, iPhone 4 or iPad to  iOS 8 or iOS 8.0.2 .  Actually this issue hit people who running multiple iOS devices with same apple id.
Running two iOS devices with same apple id is good to avoid pay twice for apps. But if you have another iPhone for business and used the same apple account, this feature going to make huge problems.
So how to turn off this feature?
Open your iOS device settings app and go to “FaceTime” section.
Toggle the “iPhone cellular calls” switch and flip it off.
iphone cellular calls
Then exit.
This will turn off the multiple iOS device ringing feature and stop this issue.
Be consider
Only disable this settings in particular iOS devices which you do not want to use for calls. Because if you turn off this future in your iOS device, you can’t make phone calls from your iOS device or Mac using iPhone cellular connection. But this change not going to affect standard FaceTime audio calls made from FaceTime video chat and Mac. Another thing is this problem not going to hit iOS device which far from other (Ex :One iPhone in office and another one in home but they use same apple id).
If to have another issues with your iOS devices do let us via comment.  Also read some iOS 8 related problems such as Car Bluetooth Connectivity Issue with iPhone 6, No Service & Touch ID problems, slow Wi-Fi connection problem in iPhone 6 to avoid future issues.

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