Use show desktop shortcut on Mac like Windows

One of the users of iMac with a wireless keyboard, need to hide his open windows and applications to reveal his desktop.
Below given solutions will help you resolve the problem.
Solution 1:
Simply make a swiping gesture on the trackpad to show desktop.
Solution 2: Use Trackpad shortcut
trackpad shortcut
1.  Open System preference > Trackpad and then click on “More gestures” tab.
2.  Tick on the Show desktop checkbox.
Solution 3: Using shortcut keys in Mac
1. Hold Fn and Press F11
2.  Command key+Mission key (4th key from the top left of keyboard)
3. Hold and Press Win+D keys
4. Press Command+F3 keys
5. <kbd>command</kbd>+<kbd>F3</kbd>
6. Press Command+Option+M
7. Hold Command and Press H
Solution 4: Set up new shortcut key
1. Open System preference and then select keyboard
2. Tap the shortcuts tab > Mission control > Show desktop command
3. Double click it by setting current shortcut key
4. Then set up a new shortcut key which is not used in any functions.
5. Close System preference.
Solution 5: Use Finder 
1.  Go to Finder and close any Finder window
2. Then Press Alt+Command+H.
Solution 6: Use screen corner
1. Locate screen corner under “Desktop&screensaver”
2. Move the mouse in this corner
Note: Moving mouse in screen corner will move all windows away from screen
3. Then you will reveal the desktop.
Solution 7:
Apart from Mac, you can use the F11 key to show desktop.
Solution 8: Use Hot corner
1. Open system preference and click on “Desktop&Screen saver
2. Tap on the Screensaver tab and click “Hot corners”(at the bottom of the page)
3. Move the mouse pointer around this page, you will locate the desktop.
Solution 9: Use Karabiner to show desktop
1. Open Karabiner preference and click “Misc&uninstall” tab
2. Select “Open private.xml” in custom settings.
3. Paste the below code in private.xml
<name>Augy’s Command+D show desktop</name>
<appendix>Command+D to F11</appendix>
<autogen>__KeyToKey__ KeyCode::D, VK_COMMAND, KeyCode::F11</autogen>
4. Then enable “Augy’s Command + D show desktop

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