Macbook Pro Firmware Password Reset/Hack

One of the users of  MacBook Pro has a trouble with his Firmware password, he cannot able to start his device using the Hard disk drive. He couldn't know how to reset or remove the Firmware password

Here are some solutions to resolve this problem.

Solution 1: Add or Remove RAM from Mac

Inserting RAM

1. Insert or take out a stick of RAM (Already if you have 2 sticks remove one stick or if you have one stick add one).
2. Turn On the Mac and suddenly Press and Hold Command+Option+P+R
Note: Mac will reboot with a “bong” noise, let it reboot for 3 times and then release the keys.
3. Mac will now start with a cleared password.
4. Then reset PRAM and NVRAM
5. Turn off Mac and rearrange the RAM configuration

Solution 2: Use iCloud feature
firmware password reset
1.  Open iCloud feature and then select the “Find my Mac” checkbox
2.  You can set a password if necessary and then click “Allow”.
Note: Now your Mac will be locked you can open it without a password.
3. When the password is required for any purpose then use the password which is used when locking the Mac.

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Solution 3: Disable the Firmware password utility

password utility
1. Restart Mac and Press and Hold Command+R
2. Click “Utilities” from menu bar and click on “Firmware password utility”
3. Select it to turn off the password

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