How to Reset Mac’s SMC & PRAM – MacBook Tutorial

Sometime your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac might acting strange with out any reason. You can fix this issues with SMC and PRAM reset.
What is SMC & RRAM and why we need to reset them
In your Intel based Mac, SMC – system Management Controller is a chip. It is involved in running many physical pats of the Mac machine (Ex:  keyboard, cooling fan, led indicators etc). Its also have a connection with your MacBook sleep mode and power supply.
PRAM (Parameter random access memory), keep information about computer configuration like date and time, mouse, volume and other settings. PRAM powered by a small battery. So its not lost any information everytime system turned off.
Why and when you need to rest the SMC and PRAM?
You can do SMC and PRAM reset at any time, if you thing your computer act like strange.

Resetting SMC and PRAM solve most of the Mac issues.
How to Reset SMC
Before doing SMC reset, close all applications and reboot the computer. It might fix your issue. SMC reset method is depend on type of computer.
MacBook Pro (with removable battery) – SMC Reset
1. Shutdown your computer.
2. Unplug the Power adapter and remove the battery.
3. Hold Power button for 5 seconds.
4. Replace the battery and plug in the power adpter.
5. Start the computer
MacBook Pro or MacBook Air (without removable battery) – SMC Reset
SMC reset MacBook Air

1. Shutdown your computer.
2. Plug in the power adapter.
3. Press and hold the shift, control,option and power button together for 10 seconds
4. Release all keys at the same time and turn on the computer.
Mac Pro, Intel based – iMac, Mac Mini, XServe – SMC Reset
1. Shutdown your computer.
2. unplug the power card and wait 15 seconds.
4. Plug the power card and turn on the computer.
How to Reset PRAM
reset Mac PRAM
1. Shutdown your computer.
2. Click the Power button.
3. Before grey color screen appears, press and hold Command +Option + P + R keys at the same time.
4. Hold these keys until your MacBook restarts and second you can hear the startup sound.
5. Now release the keys.
After resetting PRAM, some of the settings have been reset such as time, disk caches, volume, keyboard and mouse preferences.

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First, on Intel Macs, it's the SMU. To reset it you must shut down, remove the power cord and wait 30 to 45 minutes, before replugging and restarting.

What don't you "help" forums understand when a person states that computer will not turn on? So many of you say to close all applications and other things that relate to a computer having to be on. Its almost amusing.

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