Remove a broken headphone jack : iPhone, iPad, MacBook

Remove a broken headphone jack iPhone, iPad, MacBook

Is your headphone jack broken and snapped inside on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac? If so, then it’s the right place to solve your problem. Sometimes this problem might happen on your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Pro. After that, I researched this problem. Then I got some solutions to solve the issue. These solutions have been solved for many people and they are mentioned below. This solution works with other devices like MP3 players, laptops, and TV which have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Solution 1: Use BIC Pen or Ear Cleaning Stick

Bic pen for remove the broken headphone jack

This BIC pen or biro is the best one to remove the broken headphone jack on your device. First, remove the inner tube of the pen, then take the opposite side of the nib. Instead, push it from the headphone socket and remove the broken headphone jack on your device.

Note: Find a pen in which one outer diameter will fit in the iPhone or iPad hole and the inner diameter will fit the broken earphone jack easily. Use the end of the ink pen cartridge. If you need an alternative for the BIC pen tube, use an ear cleaning stick (remove the sponge from one side.).

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Solution 2: Use Thumbtack

thumbtack for remove the broken headphone

BIC pen or biro is not working, then use the thumbtack. The Foremost thing is, to take the thumbtack and puck it on the headphone socket on your device. Then the broken piece of headphones and then twist the thumbtack a couple of times. If you felt the thumbtack had a grasp, pull it out with a broken piece.

Solution 3: Use the Super Glue at the end of the plug

Many of them had told me this solution has worked like a charm. Let me explain what it is, take a bit of super glue and insert it into the earphone plug. And then wait for some time, if the broken headphone jack is attached, then your problem is solved.

Solution 4: Use Krazy glue with tooth Pick jack

Krazy glue for remove the broken headphone


Put some Krazy glue at the end of the toothpick and stick it in the jack. Wait some time to dry. Then pull it out.

Solution 5: Gripstick Headphone Extraction Tool

Gripstick Headphone Extraction Tool

If the above mention solution is not worked, then try this Gripstick to remove the broken headphone jack on your device. First, pull the Gripstick out, try to pinch the Gripstick with your fingers as you pull. This will help to grip the broken piece of the jack and pull it out.


Guys, I hope you removed the broken headphone jack on your device. Now, I thought you saved the 100$ to remove the jack on your device at home itself. After that, if you liked this article, then share it with your friends and others. Since, if you have any other suggestions regarding this article, mention them in the comment section below. And keep supporting

      1. I ended up only pulling the larger part of the jack out. The smaller bit furthest inside is still there to this day. There is no getting it out…
        The Bic pen trick ended up making my situation worse.

        1. Same thing happened to me, but I went back in with a nicely hooked thumb tack (I used scissors to make the hook) and was able to yank it out. I went in down the side, turned it to hook the plug and gently pulled straight out. I suggest giving it a try!

        2. I had the same problem. I went to Lowe's and bought a pkg of tension pins (came 2 to a pkg) for 86 cents. The tension pin is 1/8 x 3/4 made by Hillman and I think the part number is H# 881407. Anyway, slide the pin over the broken jack, with pliers squeeze the pin and pull it out. The broken jack should come with it. Took a couple of tries but it worked pretty easily.

  1. thank you so much putting his puting the head phones back in worjed buddy u just saved me $100 omg thx so much

    1. Tried the others, unfortunately they didn't work. Tried the tool suggested above (gripstick) and it worked! 25 dollars is better than 150 that repair store wanted. Good luck to everyone… never knew how much of a pia it is until it happened to me. Good to see people working together to help each other out.

    2. The Gripstick worked for me too.. I had to tap it in a little to make sure it was in all the way, but once I did I just lightly squeezed with pliers and it came out..whoo who. The pen trick didn't work for me, would have saved me a little money..but i'm just happy I got it out. I did have a little glue in there as well, but this still worked.

  2. Ink tube of Bic pen worked perfectly. Needed only one try with a Bic pen tube and 30 seconds. The very small end of the jack came right out. What a great solution as no Apple stores had any open appointments.

  3. Only method I didn't try was super glue, that was a last resort.
    Find a safety pin and grab a lighter. Heat up the safety pin if part of the jack that broke has any rubber remaining, and once it cools down it should be somewhat molded in. Just pull out quickly.

  4. Thanks! Totally saved me $100!
    …Except for those broken Beats.
    …I need to buy cheaper headphones.

    1. Beats replaces aux cords and repairs headphones for free , you just need to go on they're website and got to support or whatever and go threw all that , I just ordered another cord for mine , it's free as long as you send the item that's broken back

  5. We took a pointy needle, inserted it into the top right hand side and levering it out. It worked and we're thrilled!

  6. Bic pen worked effortlessly- got it out the first try in about 30 seconds. Thank you so, so much!

  7. Made a hook on a safety pin, got it out in 2 pieces in 5 minutes. Thanks for the idea. Spoke to a pro iPad mender earlier. He says not to try the superglue. Hes sees them afterwards when the glue has made the problem worse.

    I tried pliers, vacuums, toothpicks, smacking the device for 2 days.
    30 seconds with the thumbtack and viola!
    Thank you.

  9. I attempted the BIC pen trick. It fit but couldn't get a grip with the piece that was stuck. Saying a quick prayer, I dabbed the smallest drop of gorilla super glue on the end of the pen tube & gently inserted it. I let it sit for 15-20 min before attempting to pull it out. It came out like it was made to go with that pen! LOL Thanx for the ideas, guys!!!

  10. I was able to remove the broken plug using super glue and a cut in half Q-tip. I tried the hooked pin and pen ink tube first. Thanks for the suggestions.

  11. Didn't even realize my headphones broke off since it was still working when even I plugged it in. Brought a new one and noticed and freaked out! Well lucky I had a pen tube seems any pen tube works really. Was afraid it wouldn't work m, but not even 10 seconds later and it came out!! THANK YOU!

  12. A low tech solution is to use a twist gimlet. I carefully screwed this into the broken jack and gently pulled the offending item out of an ipad. Success. All is working well. Good luck and I hope it works for you:)

  13. None of the above worked, but I screwed a thin screw in to the end of the headphone jack and pulled, out it popped, have waited two years to sort that.

  14. I have I giant hole in my ear peace and it is super glue any ideas I really do not have the money to buy a new one

  15. I rolled a tissue paper into a thin roll and inserted into the audio jack. This seemed to have cleared the dust and the unwanted debris and my phone is back to the normal ringer mode. YAY!!!!

  16. I found the biro's too thin when trying to extract the jack from my iPad. I used a thin straw (similar to a Capri sun one) and it got it out first time.

    1. O.M.G. I wish I could kiss you right now!!!! My 4 year old broke the headphone plug into "his" iPhone 4. I was not about to replace the phone or pay for it to be fixed. I used the pen tube method but it got it jammed in there farther. I used the push pin/safety pin method, got the outer metal ring out, but could not get the inner plug out. 30 minutes later…I was scrolling through these comments hoping for another option and I saw yours. Wouldn't you know – there was a Capri Sun literally sitting next to his phone. 2.5 seconds later and DONE. THANK YOU!!!!

  17. Tried suggestion 4 of inserting the top half of the snapped jack back into the socket and it connected to the broken end piece sufficient to extract it. Thanks very much.

  18. I had the same problem but the bic pen didn't work. I went to Lowe's and bought a pkg of tension pins (came 2 to a pkg) for 86 cents. The tension pin is 1/8 x 3/4 made by Hillman and I think the part number is H# 881407. Anyway, slide the pin over the broken jack, with pliers squeeze the pin and pull it out. The broken jack should come with it. Took a couple of tries but it worked pretty easily.

    1. Great idea! I tried safety pin, thumb tack, crazy glue, tweezers, nothing worked. The pin was just jammed solid. Then I went to Lowe's in Waterloo and bought these tension – spring pins. I tapped a little and twisted, used pliers and it worked!!!! Thank you Laurie you rock.

  19. Thanks for the ideas. I used an ear cleaner (qtip) cut off an end to expose the hollow shaft, pushed it with pressure on to the broken piece, pulled quickly and it came right out. Would not have thought of this in a million years. Huge thanks.

  20. You saved our bacon ! Didn't realise my son had left a broken jack inside his beloved i-pad… I only noticed when i rammed a new adapter into the hole, pushing the broken piece even further inside, which then cut off all his sound !
    The BIC pen didn't work for me but using the 2nd idea, the thumb tack with the end bent into a little hook, did the trick beautifully – thanks loads for sharing these techniques; you've saved a lot of people a lot of money.

  21. I tried Solution #1 (ink tube), but couldn’t find an ink tube that was the right size.
    I tried #2 (thumbtack bent), but it didn’t work.
    I tried #3 (crazy glue on a toothpick), but it didn’t work.
    Then on a last ditch effort, I tried super glue on the inside of the headphones, then stuck the headphones inside my iphone. I waited about 45 minutes (probably don’t need that much time). The headphones were really stuck in there, but with pliers I was able to pull the headphones out. To my relief, the tip of the headphones came with the rest of the headphones.
    It worked. YaY! Thank you for adding the section from “Other solutions suggested by users”

  22. The bic pen didn't work but the bent paper clip did. Bent it a little at the end, inserted it sideways and twisted it to grip the jack. After many failed attempts I pulled and it popped out and flew across the room.

  23. The bent thumbtack worked! I bent the tip with pliers/grips. It broke into several pieces but I pulled them all out eventually. The pen tube didn't work.

  24. Tried them all, finally the glue on the toothpick trick worked. Now my son can use the ipod again for his drum lessons.

  25. Still not working :c I think I'm just pushing it further in… I suppose I'll have to take it to an Apple comapany or something, my mums gonna ground me for life!

  26. Hi
    I tried most of the suggestions above, but the way I found that worked…I've done it twice now…is to screw a cup hook into the broken aux and screw a couple of time then pull gently.

  27. My kid's headphones broke in the port and I had no idea until I tried using the iPad later. I couldn't find the right size pen tube at home. The bent thumbtack did not work. I was afraid to use the super glue. Went with "jamming" the headphones back in and pulling them out – SUCCESS! I actually didn't push them in too much but did twist a little once I made contact. So glad I found this page – thank you thank you thank you. Still going to call to let the headphones people know what happened and get a warranty replacement.

  28. This just happened to me, and I just used an old crochet needle, with a bent end. It worked perfectly, but you have to use a little bit of force.

  29. Find a small alligator clip and split it apart. It has small teeth on it. Use whichever piece will fit down in hole and get it next to the broken jack. Put pressure bending slightly left or right and pull up quickly.

  30. Bic pen got part of it out. Grabbed a small, flathead screwdriver (the all metal kind, similar to eyeglass repair), wedged it between the remaining stuck part and "wall" and pried out. Awesome webpage!

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    1. Great post! I also want to share my experience with OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones. It's amazing that it excels both regarding build quality and performance. What I love most are its unique sound quality and attractive design! Best headphone ever

  32. non worked for me at all..
    i grabbed a small Wood screw.. wound it in to the Jack a little and pulled it out.

  33. Some of the replies were so funny! "My mom is going to kill me!" Haha. It is nice to see that people still have a sense of humor.

  34. Used the top of an ink cartridge and worked first try…..WOW THANKS SO MUCH…..saved me the cost of another phone!!!

  35. None of the dozen or so pen cartridges I tried worked, but I bent the end of a thumbtack with some pliers and with a little twisting and some pulling I got the broken part out. THANK YOU! You are a SUPER GENIUS.

  36. Worked on it all last night with the ink pen tube, a large sewing needle bent at the end, and very small tweezers. Nothing. This morning used a safety pin as above and took less than 5 seconds. Thanks!

  37. After almost 4 hours of attempting to get it out using pins/needles, qtips, screws, screw drivers, a hammer, toothfloss, and the other end of the aux cord I decided to go for the superglue option as I had also taken it into apple and they said Id need a new phone!! So i decided superglue was my last option, I cut both cotton ends off a Qtip and i got a small bit of superglue on a needle and put it inside the Qtip, i then put the Qtip with superglue in my phone and pushed it onto the stuck aux cable end. I waited around 3 mins for the glue to dry a bit, then pulled it out and It came out!!!!

  38. The BIC idea worked for me too… Thanks so much. The child at school who broke it off was very grateful, as it was a brand new ipad!!

  39. I tried a lot of ways to get the piece out with no results until I googled it The safety pin worked great. Thanks to you and Google

  40. Couldn't remove mine. It is inserted too far down. Tried to remove it and it went further down and now it is stuck. It was a plastic cheap stylus. Now have to take the phone apart and replace the headphone jack or purchase another phone. No more cheap plastic stylus pins for me. That $1 purchase is going to cost way more to correct.

  41. Mine came out in 3 pieces. I got the first two pieces by inserting a thumbtack with a bent end inside and turned it around until it hooked and then pulled. The first two pieces came out that way. Be aware that the ink tubes are different sizes. I had to try a few pens before one was exactly the right size. Fit in the hole, but also fit around the last little piece. I jammed it in, twisted a little and then pulled it right out..