Fixed : Printer Not Printing Color from Mac Computer

Printer not Printing color from mac

Some Mac users reported this issue. Test page printed in color. But no files or documents print in color. It’s a new cartridge. Sometimes installing a printer driver (HP driver) does not fix their issue. So here is an article I will show how to fix this issue with simple steps. Let see what are those solutions.

Solution 1: Remove and Add Printer

  1. Go to the Apple menu.
  2. And select the System Preferences.
  3. Now select the Printers & Scanners option.
  4. Select your printer from the left side list and click the ( – ) sign to delete it.
  5. Then press the ( – ) sign and add it back again.

Solution 2: Install the printer based driver software for Mac OS X

If you are using an HP printer then follow this link. Download the disk image. Open the package and install the driver.

Solution 3: Check your Color Print Preset on your Mac 

Sometimes if you won’t change your color mode on Printer Preset, it may cause this problem, So try to check it out. If it is in Black and white then change it to Full color.


I hope above the solution may help to fix this issue. If you know any other solutions for the Mac printer not printing color issue, inform us via comment. Thank you.

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