Best Prank Calling Apps for iPhone

iPhone users are not away from any app, it is actually a boon. When we are disturbed frequently by a unwanted calls and we are in a mood to callback them but not in a straightaway call. We would obviously choose prank calling. To our excitement, we do have prank calling apps for iPhone.
1.Prank call dialer (Free)Best Prank Calling Apps Prank Call DialerPrank call dialer is an iPhone app that allows us to make call without stealing our details. It is free to make 2 calls  and have other features like saving our call history. Though the app is free it helps the best for us. We have to wait for a day to use this product. We also can  buy voices to use for making calls with different voices with the help of tokens.
2. Fake calls ($0.99)fake call app for iphoneFake call app is exactly a prank calling app but it is not for free. We can imitate call received for us and when the call arrives we find who is Calling and delay the process. We can prank call to our friends give them a surprise. The reviews about this app seems to be good.
3. Who is calling Fake Caller (Free)Best Prank Calling Apps Who is CallingWe can use a free app that includes voices through the characters in the app. We can even record our own voice among the 9 call screen available. The features include 99 ringtones, customized delete in time, loaded with many callers to get started. We also can add pics from searching web and delete unwanted callers. The app also allows to add unlimited number of callers. It cost 0.49$ to add credits to app.
4. Smart fake free call (Free)Best Prank Calling Apps Smart Fake CallSmart fake call is a free app in iPhone that allows us to schedule fake calls for us, which helps us to escape from a boring environment. We can make a fake with the single touch that is scheduled for multiple occasions. The feature of the app includes setting contact for our own voice, we can select recording of our choice for fake calls. We can change background settings of calls and images from gallery with contact name can be added.
5. iFart ($1.99)
iFart iPhone app
iFart is not free version of the app but it seems to be the best among Apple app. As the name implies, it creates fart sounds when single button pressed on iPhone. There is a collection of sounds in its library to apt to any situation. The app also has a sneaking timer to fart sounds.

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