6 Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad

To share animations, images and videos from iPhone and iPad we can have GIF Maker Apps in it.…

To share animations, images and videos from iPhone and iPad we can have GIF Maker Apps in it. Most of them come with friendly interface. Many such apps are used in different websites and blog to make handy GIF image. The app is compatible with iPhone 6 and iOS 9 devices. All these apps helps create and share GIF images.

1. Giffer ($2.99)Giffer app for iPhone

Although the app is for cost it's a good for making animated images that includes time lapse, reverse GIF, cinematography animation. We can also share animated GIF images. Frame duplication, 25 filters, self timer, import GIF from websites are identical features of the app. This simple app allows us to share GIFs in any social network and many other advanced features which makes the app  worth spending for it. The app has more features for its cost.

2. 5Second (Free)5Second app for iPhone

5second app is a GIF maker app for iPhone and iPad that synchronize GIF images into single frame. We can add text annotations, filters, stickers. We can even control speed of video clips. The app also allows us to save individual photos and videos too. We can share photos or videos saved through any social network like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and many other. The app has its own social network to be shared only on request.

3. MyFaceWhen ($0.99)MyFaceWhen app for iPhoneMyFaceWhen is a funny simple app in iPhone which can make GIF animated images and share them through social network. The features of the app includes usage of in-app camera that can record or create animated GIF’s in second. Wow we can even record our Favourite TV show and make GIF of the scenes that we would like to have. The app is easy to access and fast enough to share.

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