Fixed: Photo Albums Not Syncing

Some of iPhone Users had reported a problem that, the photo albums on their device doesn’t sync properly. Recently, I too had experienced this same issue. I have tried to sync my photo albums from my iPhone to Mac but it doesn’t work fine. Then somehow I had fixed this issue with the help of tricks suggested by my friend Danny. Here, I gonna share those tricks with you so that you can also fix “Photo albums not syncing” issue.
Fix 1: Select All Photos and Albums.
select all photos and albums
Note: Make sure that you have not checked selected albums or favorites.
If your iPhone is syncing to your Mac using iTunes, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, go to the Photos page.
  2. Then open Albums section.
  3. At the bottom of your screen check All photos and albums.
  4. Finally, re-sync the iPhone.

Fix 2: Un-sync and re-sync Photos
unsync resync photos

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac.
  2. In iTunes, Uncheck Sync Photos and then click Apply (choose to remove photos from iPhone)
  3. Wait for few seconds.
  4. Then check Sync Photos again and then click Apply.

Fix 3: Restore your iPhone
restore iphone
Note: Before Restoring your iPhone it is advisable to backup all your data

  1. Firstly, open on your computer and sign in with your Apple ID and Password.
  2. Tap on Find My iPhone -> All Devices.
  3. Then select the device you want to choose.
  4. Tap on Erase and Confirm.
  5. Now, connect your device to your computer and open iTunes option.
  6. Just select the device and then tap Restore and Confirm an action.

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Fix 4: Add two new Albums (one of the users suggested this one)
add two new albums

  1. On your iPhone, open Photos.
  2. Then manually add two new albums and name them randomly.
  3. Now put 1 picture in each of two albums.
  4. Finally, try to sync again.

Fix 5: Activate iCloud Photo Library for your secondary library.
icloud photo library mac

  1. On your Mac, click on Photos in the menu bar.
  2. Then click on Preferences.
  3. If needed, click on General -> Use as System Library.
  4. Now click on iCloud and then check iCloud Photo Library
  5. Finally, check Download Originals to this Mac.

Fix 6: Activate iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to see Photos & Camera option and then tap it.
  3. Turn on your iCloud Photo Library.
  4. Activate Optimise iPhone Storage if your storage space is short.

Fix 7: Contact Apple Support
contact apple support
If your device is under any Warranty status, then you can contact Apple Support for further help.
Other Solutions:

  • Uninstall iTunes and then re-install iTunes.
  • Make sure that you have updated iTunes to the latest version.

Hope any one of the above fixes will be helpful to you. If you find this article as useful or if you know any other solution regarding this article just feel free to share with me via comments below. Thank You…

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