Fix Note Broken in Contacts on iOS 12

We are using the phone in our day to day life. In our phone, we are saved more things so, we didn’t remember all that in our mind so, need to make some notes about the important things. In this way, Contacts is the most important one. the iPhone, we are using notes to identify the contacts easily. Here we are going to see how to fix the problems related to the contact notes broke issue. The below all fix is suitable for iOS 12,12.1 and 12.1.2 versions.
Fix: 1

  1. DoubleTap below the Note Option, it solves the problem.

Fix: 2

  1. Close all the apps, then Restart the phone.

Fix :3

  1. Take iPhone and another one apple device.
  2. They two working in the Same OS Version is a must.
  3. Then enter the Same Apple ID in both the devices.
  4. In any one device go to Edit Option, edit the contact name then type something on the note option.
  5. Click Done.
  6. The edited content appears on the other device.


  1. If you don’t have another one apple device you just Log Into in any other computer.
  2. Then Click Done option.
  3. Now check your contacts and notes there.

These fix are solve most of the problems about notes broken in contacts. Now using notes to find your contacts easily without any broken.

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