How to View Saved WiFi Passwords on iPhone

Learn how to see the saved passwords for previously connected WiFi network on iPhone and iPad.
The Fact: You can’t directly access saved WiFi passwords on any iOS device with out jailbreaking. But i am not recommended jailbreaking if you device under warranty.
Use 1Password like iPhone apps to store your WiFi network passwords.
Way 1:  If you have a Mac connected to the same WiFi network, you can find the stored passwords in Keychain access app.
Way 2:  If your is an Apple Airport based device, you can able to log straight into it using AirPort utility to view the password at source.
Way 3: If you are using iPhone, iPad with iOS 7, use iCloud keychain syncing to sync your iPhone or iPad saved WiFi password to other device like Mac and you can read the password in Mac keychain as per #way 1.
Keychain Access
Then on Mac, Enable keychain syncing via System Preferences -> iCloud preferences and use keychain utility to inspect the iCloud keychain.
View Saved WiFi password on jailbreak iPhone
If you have jailbroken iPhone, check out WiFi Passwords on Cydia. Its allow you to view user name and password for Wifi network.
WiFi passwords iPhone
Also try to install nifty tweak named NetworkList from Cydia. If you install this app, you can find stored passwords in iOS 8 (Settings -> WiFi -> Network passwords) and iOS 7 (Settings ->WiFi ->Known Networks).

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Honestly Apple isn't protecting anyone. All that someone has to do is jailbreak your phone. Still all that they are doing is pissing off their customers. I would like to be able to share my WiFi password wt guests, but unfortunately forgot it.
Do you honestly think that a thief is afraid of voiding a warranty of an item they don't have a receipt for. By adding this 'security,' all Apple is doing is forcing their consumers to jailbreak there product, and void there warranty.

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