Fixed: iTunes Album Artwork Not Showing

Users have been reporting that music album artwork corresponding to their music is not displaying. Oh Yeah, I  have also seen that the artwork is not showing for few albums but in most cases, iTunes is displaying the artwork correctly. However, we will show you some of the tricks to fix with those issues in iTunes or on iPhone.
Fix 1: Update the iClouds Music Library

  • Go to iTunes -> File -> Library and select to Get Album Artwork.
  • Select Library -> iClouds Music Library and Update it.
  • Open Music App and remove the downloaded music from your device.
  • If you didn’t get the Artwork still then, Tap on the Download icon and download it from the iClouds Music Library.

Fix 2: Add Artwork in iTunes

  • Users can also add the Artwork in iTunes.
  • Go to iTunes and right-click on the Album.
  • Choose the Artwork from the Album and Add it.

Fix 3: Clear the Storage

  • Most-likely, Storage is the main issues for these kinds of problems.
  • So, Free the Storage Space by deleting some storage like videos, pictures, music.
  • Apple is trying to save more space from downloading Artwork to the Album.

Fix 4: Clear the Storage in iPhone

  • Open Settings -> General.
  • Then, Select iPhone Storage.
  • Wait until the storage graph loaded fully.
  • Check the storage space.
  • If it is less than 10% then free the storage space from your iPhone.
  • If once the storage space is cleared, You can see the Album Artwork in your music library.

Fix 5: Change the Settings

  • Open Settings -> General.
  • Select Music -> Tap the button to Turn On the Mobile Data Option.
  • Also, Tap and Turn On the Downloads option.
  • Go to Apple Music and Tap the button to Turn Off for few seconds and Again Turn On it.
  • Go to iClouds Music Library, Tap the button to Turn off, wait for few seconds and again Turn On it.

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