iPhone Secret Codes

List of iPhone secret codes, tricks and cheats for iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 etc .
*#06# =  It displays your phone IMEI details (each phone have different IMEI. Its used to track your phone).
*3001#12345#* -> Tap call = To enter Field Mode (It reveals iPhone inner settings like up to date network, call informations etc.)
iPhone secret codes
Call Baring ——-
*#33# = Check the call baring (restriction) status of outgoing calls, internet data usage and texts.Actually call baring is used to protect accident calls.
*33*pin# = To turn on call barring.
#33*pin# = To turn off /unlock call barring.
Call Waiting —–
*#43# = Check call waiting status. Check if call waiting is enabled or not. This feature allow you to receive other calls when you are already engaged with someone in conversation.
*43# = Enable call waiting.
#43# = Disable call waiting.
Call Forwarding —-
*#21# = Check all call forwarding status.
*#62# = Check call forwarding when phone unreachable.
*#67# =  Check call forwarding when phone busy.
##002# -> Tap call = To disable all call forwarding.
Hide your number on calls ——
*#31# = To check the outgoing call anonymity status. You can hide your number in outgoing call. This code will help you to  check the anonymity status.
#31#phone number -> Tap call = To hide your number for current call only.
*#30# -> Tap call = To check the incoming call presentation status. It will show if iPhone will display incoming calls number.
*#5005*7672# -> Tap call = Get your mobile carrier’s message centre number.
*3370# -> Tap call = to enter EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) mode. It improves GSM conversations voice quality. But little more burn your iPhone batter life. This mode not available on all networks.
*777# -> Tap call = To get the prepaid iPhone account balance.
*225# -> Tap call = To get the Postpaid bill balance.
*646# -> Tap Call = Check the minutes.
If you knew any other iPhone secret code, do let us via comment.

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Hi I have a question? Is there an app or something that a person can use on the iPhone 6 to hide things or make the phone cover up stuff… Like for instance I watch my ex press the home button twice b4 she slide it open n it activates something in her phone n I can't catch…. I was in a message n hit the home button n it flip to a totally different message can u help me figure out this app or code

Hello Wayne – sure. If you want to read the secret messages, you can unveil them by typing ++2""4". You may have to restart the phone (once or twice) to set it to work. Then open the sms app. You also see the hidden messages apple doesn't want you to read… 🙂
Warm regards, Jo

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