Solved : iPhone 6 Slow Wi-Fi Connection Problem

Lot of iPhone  users faced this same problem when they use WiFi connection in their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.
But  the same Wifi  connection working good when they use iPhone 5  with iOS 7. This is a common issue evey iPhone user faced when they update or use iOS 8. Facing slow internet speed  is terrible when you using video streaming or downloading is it?
Reset network settings using Settings-> General->Reset->Reset Network Settings.
Solution  1:- 
Login you internet service provider website ( Ex: Verizon Fios, Bell etc) .  Under the modem settings, change the channel bandwidth from auto to 20 ( This method is suggested by Apple in their wi-fi trouble shooting section).
Solution 2:- ( Some users reported that their problem solved using this method)
Go to router settings under wireless security.
Change the settings  from WEP to WPA2 security.
Solution 3:-
Cause of the problem might be : This problem happened when initialize old backup in your new iPhone 6.
If you want to solve this problem, then re install iOS 8 . Set iPhone as new iPhone instead of using your old iPhone backup.
Then synch it with iCloud using you Apple ID to retrieve  all of your contacts and other information.
Solution 4:-
Reason for this problem : Some users reported,  iOS 8 has issues when user switching their networks.
Ex:  Cellular only, its working good. If you running your iPhone on Wi-Fi only, its also working good.
So use one network at the time.
Go to Settings -> cellular. switching off cellular data.
Solution 5:- 
Reset Network settings using Settings ->General ->Reset. This solution solved wifi issue for some people who use so many public router and office router.
Solution 6:- ( Use Google Public DNS)
Go to your iPhone Wi-Fi settings using Settings -> Wi-Fi.
Delete your current DNS entries Add Google public DNS servers:,
Solution 7:- 
Set your router from “Get Automatically from ISP” to  “Use These DNS Servers” and hardcode the DNS from your service provider.
Solution 8:-
Turn off  Wifi Networking using settings-> Privacy-> Location Services -> System services. Then reboot your phone and turn on Wifi Networking. Your Wi-Fi will be working normally again.
I hope this methods might solve slow wifi internet speed problem in your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

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I have spent hours trying to resolve these Wi-Fi issues I purchased Apple because it is supposed to be the leader in mobile technology I am regretting my purchase but I am trying to remain positive thing negative doesn't helpbut it is hard to remain positive when you pay top dollar for substandard equipmentI feel like I have battered wife syndrome I don't want to admit to myself that I probably should leave this relationship

none of those solutions actually fix the problem. Johnson KEvin said it: they are band-aids. The problem keeps happening no matter what.
Instead of doing this you could just restart the phone and wifi come back to normal speed.
Try your Wifi Speed with WI-FI SWEETSPOTS. Anyway. I don't understand this problem.
I read somewhere that you can try to assign a higher number of IP address from your router's settings.
Something like and UP instead of the regular and UP. I didn't try this solution myself yet. No matter what it wont fix the problem its just another band-aid.

I have iPhone 6 and Galaxy s3 even Any galaxy fast then iPhone it's very Slow on wifi please help wifi problem a lot in iPhone slow slow and very weak on wifi

I agree that all of these solutions (although well intentioned) are a waste of time. I have the same trouble on my iPhone 6, as does my wife on her iPhone 5. It happens at home on my wifi as well as at work on their wifi. Tell me I suffer from paranoia but I heard that all internet service providers were intentionally slowing down the internet in order to get people who are willing to pay more for a faster connection to put pressure on the FCC to allow providers to charge extra. When they lost the battle and the FCC ruled against them, all my troubles went away. A few weeks later, the providers filed an appeal and all of my troubles started again. Coincidence? I don't think so.

The problem we are talking about here are not Slow Internet connection, rather a slow wifi period. Basically the wifi connection point to point is slow. Nothing related to your provider.

My iPhone 6 Plus doses not connect fast. It's slow when I go to the gym it won't connect. But when the gym clear out and about 10 or less people in their it will connect. And the range on wifi is not that for on iPhone 6 Plus. I think it's the phone itself. Went to settings on wifi and it just ciycle. Wont connect. And if doses it a very long time at least 2 hours or longer. If it connect then.

I'm sticking with conspiracy theory. My wifi speed was perfectly acceptable and my sons gaming computer worked smoothly — then BAM! About 10 days ago, our download and upload speeds dropped to low single digits! They have no explanation although nothing has changed from our end. They claim that Ethernet connected computer speed is fine and that's all they can guarantee. But here's the only difference, we added an iPhone 6 to the equation!

Totally agree with Steve. It's a scam by Verizon or built into the iPhone itself. Ironically, I have problems at the beginning of each billing cycle and switch the phone to wifi. It's not a poor connection because my laptop is zooming quickly through Internet pages. It's not too many people using my wifi because it's just me connecting. We reached 75% of our data because we kept having to switch the wifi off to get anything to load. But, I am trying these steps and see what happens. I think it's pure GREED from a big company that has aligned itself with Verizon causing my problems!

switched from galaxy 6 to iphone 6 and regret it every day. As I sit in my office watching my co-workers using, loading videos and video chatting over the same wifi network and I'm the only one with a iphone and can barely send and receive text message. iphone supposed to be top quality phone in everything but I'm guessing only in looks. shame on apple for not fixing something as simple as network connecting strength

Thanks! I used a combination of your solutions (the one above number one, number 4 and number 5, and there was improvement, and then I did #8 and it is working as it should). I then undid #4 by turning my cellular data back on, and the wifi connection still worked well.
I had such a slow connection to my work wifi but it would work fine elsewhere and others here did not have problems. This occurred after I upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus about a year ago but just did not have time to research it. My 4G Tmobile unlimited data connection is terrible in this location, so that is why I wanted wifi working. Thanks again!

my wifi issues seem to be centralized in our home and my parents home only. the solution that works for me at my parents place is simply open the little quick tab from the bottom of the screen, turn wifi off, wait a second and turn it back on and its good to go. at my home, seems that the wifi connection is dependant on the ios updates. Example, up until the most recent update, the current ios I was running worked almost flawlessly giving me trouble only at my parents, as it has been since ive had an iPhone 4 years ago. the update before that however, screwed it all up everywhere and it seems like every "major" update the wifi manages to mess up. then shortly after comes the "bug and security" fixes and the wifi manages to straighten itself out. I'm going to try out a couple of these tricks to see if they help but so far the only relief from the annoyance of having to turn my data on to make my phone actually work has been to shut the phone down and start it back up. however this only works for an hour or 2 and its right back to being slower than piss killing plants. I love iPhone for its simplicity and its clean easy look, but if its going to be like this all the time I will switch to something else even if its not as user friendly. I purchased a product that Is ssupposed to work, the least they can do is ensure customer satisfaction.

#8 WORKED LIKE A CHARM on my New SE. My 5 (now iPod) was at 30, SE 12Mb/s
After network off and reboot SE is 34 !

Right.My iPod 6 streaming quits when bluetooth hooked up.Can't even stream audio. My Fire sails on fine so it's not a router issue.

My iPod 6 with the latest loses wifi as soon as BT connected. Support stumped. I tried all usual suspects

Ref my NO wifi when bluetooth connected, I went to a Genius and they are replacing the iPod 6. I am satisfied and hope it solves the problem.

Ok, a lot of you are confused. Most of your are talking about cellular data and not WiFi. THey are different. THis article is about WiFi, NOT cellular data.

I know this is an old thread, but I have had this WiFi issue for all my iPhones. I am on iPhone 8 with latest iOS 11 and step 8 has fixed the issue – Thanks 🙏🏼

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