iOS 12 : How to Add Another Email Account in iPhone

Nowadays mail service is one of the important services.  Day to day life mail is necessary services it is used for education, business, job and so on.. It is difficult to maintain your mail ID in an easy way to access your Mail ID by login your Mail ID in your iPhone. In iOS 12 you can easily add another email account in iPhone and you can easily maintain multiple Mails in a single device. Here I’m gonna share about “how to add another Email account in iOS 12” in this page.
Step 1: Open Settings> Mail> Account.
Step 2: Tap Add Account.
Step 3: Select your email provider.
Step 4: Enter your details like “ Email, Password”.email-password
Step 5: Click “Next”.
Step 6: If it is needed choose to sync other options like “Contacts or Calendars”.
Step 7: Tap “ Save”.
Know your account will be added and then it shows previous Mail and new Mail ID.
Hope this steps will be useful for you any other ideas related to this kindly share me via comments.Thank you…

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