How to Install and Run WhatsApp on Mac

WhatsApp is not available for Mac. But you can use whatsapp on Mac via web version or using android emulator.
#1 How to use WhatsApp on Mac via Browser
Web Version of the WhatsApp is a easiest way to use WhatsApp on mac. It allow you to use same account installed on your mobile. But you can’t access web version with your iPhone. its only works with Android, Nokia and blackberry phones.
Update your mobile WhatsApp to latest version. Otherwise Web Whatsapp will not work.

  1. Install Google Chrome browser on Mac and go to You can see the QR code page. WhatsApp web QR Code
  2. If you are not seeing any QRcode at the first time, then restart your Mac or clear cache.
  3. Open whatsApp app on your mobile. On the top right corner select the menu button (three dots). You can see the option “WhatsApp Web”WhatsApp for Mac scan code
  4. Select the “WhatsApp web” option. QR code scanner will appear with a short message. Now go to the browser WhatsApp page which is already opened.
  5. Scan the code in Google chrome. If you done, you can use whats App on your Mac.
  6. If you logout from WhatsApp on Mac, you need to do the  QR code scanning process again to login.

#2 Receive WhatsApp notifications on Mac, iPhone and iPad 
You can receive Whats app notification on you Mac and iPhone via Notifyr. But it only allow you to receive notifications not send.
Notifyr app only works with iPhone 4s to highest version and Mac 2011 or earlier. In order to it work, you need to download Notifyr for both iOS and Mac.
On Mac, go Notifyr preferences panel and sync with your iPhone.
#3 Install and use WhatsApp on Mac via Bluestacks (Android emulator)
If you want to send and receive WhatsApp messages on Mac OS X Yosemite, you need to install WhatsApp on Mac using Android emulator (Bluestacks). Bluestacks for Mac is discontinued. But you can install older version of Bluestacks.

  1. Download and run old Alpha 0.2.17 ver of BlueStacks Player on Mac. If you face any issues after Bluestacks installation, download and run Beta version of Bluestacks for Mac OS X instead.

If the preinstalled WhatsApp will not work, reinstall it using the following method.

  1. Select the FaceBook app in Bluestacks player and login into FaceBook account. Send yourself with a message using this web link. whatsapp-for-mac-facebook
  2. Navigate to the link and click the “Download Now” button.
  3. Now BlueStack player automatically download WhatsApp application.
  4. After it finished download process, click the Install button.
  5. Note : You need phone number which to verify your WhatsApp account using SMS or Voice Message.

If your Bluestacks player stuck on loading screen or you faced any issues with Bluestacks player on Mavericks or OS X Yosemite, close Bluestacks app and delete configuration files.

  • Go to your Mac Applications folder. Ctrl + Click the Bluestacks icon and choose “Show Packet Contents”. Choose the config folder and delete all of the contents. WhatsApp for Mac config files
  • Then restart Bluestacks. It may fix your issue.

Install and run WhatsApp for Mac without Bluestacks
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#4 Install WhatsApp for Mac without Bluestacks
If you are not compatible withe web version on WhatsApp and you need separate WhatsApp installation on your computer, follow this method.
Download and install

  • Virtual Box for Mac – It allow you to run other operating system like Android or Windows on your Mac. Download the file named “Download Virtual Box for Mac Hosts”.

Download and add Android for Mac OS. Search and install the WhatApp on Android OS.
If you knew another methods or issues about WhatsApp for Android, inform us via comment.

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