iMyFone D-Back – Recover Deleted Data from Your iPhone/iTunes/iCloud Easily

In this high-tech world, everything seems to be so fast, no. There are ample of new technologies to save as many information we want, along with saving our precious time. At times we lost our iOS data knowingly or unknowingly. Recovering the lost data is cumbersome work, isn’t it? But don’t worry, we have a plenty of solutions.
iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery
One of the handy solutions is  iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery. It helps to reclaim lost or removed data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

  1. There are many reasons to lose the data but you can retrieve those data.
  2. There are four recovery modes to search the data fastly.
  3. Through this software, you can reclaim the data from more than 20 files, also in all iOS devices.
  4. To select the data there you have a preview option also.
  5. Solve all the issues regarding the iOS system.
  6. Restores all types of data from any iOS device.

How did we lose?
There are so many reasons to lost our data in iOS devices. But you can retrieve your missed data with iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery if you have lost them in certain situations such as, sometimes you may lose your iOS data by mistake.
Or else it will be gone because of a crash in your system or a broken screen.
You may miss the information via the software like iOS Jailbreak at times.
Through forgetting the password or sometimes it may be stolen or deleted by someone intentionally.
Or because of the changes in a factory reset.
Sometimes virus attack may cause the deletion.
Recovery modes
Get back the lost data from iOS devices
If you lost your data in your iOS devices means you can reclaim them straightly from iDevices by using iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery, even you don’t need any back up for this.
Step  1: After downloading iMyFone D-Back then open it. Go to ‘Recover from iOS Device’, in that select ‘Start’.
recover data smart recovery
Step 2: Choose the sort of files that need to be retrieved. Then you have to connect your iOS device to the computer.
Step 3: After the software detects your iDevice tap “scan” to search the data that you are in need of.

Step 4: All retrievable data will form as images. To select the data to recover tap each picture to check the files. If you want to retrieve only deleted items, click “Show only the deleted files” to preview the deleted data.
iOS recover data
Step 5: Then choose the date that you need to recover than at the bottom right corner tap “Recover”.
recover lost data
Recover data via iTunes backup
You have iTunes backup but lost some of the data in iTunes means just remove or extract the data from iTunes to PC or Mac with iMyFone D-Back.
Step 1: After launching iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery from the “Recover from iTunes Backup”  tap “Start”.
Step 2: Choose the file types that you need to retrieve.
Step 3: Then select correct iTunes backup from that you need to reclaim the data. Tap “Scan”, it will take some more time.
Step 4: Results will be shown in the interface, then browse the data based on your needs. After that tap “Recover”.
Step 5: You have to create a folder as recovery path. The required data will be seen in that folder.  After the completing the retrievable process you can verify that.
Recover Data via iCloud backup 
With iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery, you can retrieve the missed data without restoring.
Step 1: Go to “Recover from iCloud Backup” then select “Start”.
Step 2: Choose the files to reclaim.
Step 3: Then you need to enter your iCloud information but the iMyFone D-Back will not have a record of your iCloud account details and other contents.
Step 4: This software can detect all iCloud backup files in your account after that choose the needed iCloud backup. Then tap “Next” at the bottom right corner. Wait some time to iMyFone D-Back to download the iCloud files.
Step 5: The detected results are arranged in the interface then “Preview” the results. Click “Recover” after completing the scan process.
Via Smart recovery
If you have the technical skill means this mode will help you easily.
Step 1: After downloading open iMyFone D-Back. Go to ‘Smart Recovery’, from that select ‘Start’.
Step 2: For succeeding procedures such as scan and reclaim the data you have to select the situation on which you missed your data.
Step 3: iMyFone D-Back will do all sort of scanning and searching work and it can figure out the data that should reclaim from all iOS devices.
iOS devices
This software is supporting all iOS devices which are running iOS 10/9/8/7. Even it supporting iOS 10.3.2 the latest version.
Data types
This software can support more than 20 data types such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, photos, messages, videos, call history, Viber messages, Notes, Line messages, Voice memos.
Even you can reclaim the data from Reminders, Safari history, Safari bookmarks, Calendar.
Fixing iOS issues
Especially there are some iOS issues.sometimes your iOS will be stuck in white/black screen and reboot loops and at times the device screen may flicker. In another way your iOS may be stuck on Apple logo/recovery mode or else at times device screen will not respond and so on. With this software, you can fix the problems related to iOS without difficulty.
Simple steps to get the lost data back

  1. First, you need to connect an iOS device.
  2. Scan your iOS then switch to preview.
  3. Select the files to recover.
  4. Now you can reclaim the lost data by iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery.

Why should iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery

  1. There are so many services are available in this software such as,
  2. They offer a free trial before purchasing it.
  3. D-Back don’t overwrite on the data
  4. Before recovery, you can get a preview.
  5. 100% protection.
  6. Easy accessible.
  7. If you don’t get satisfied you can get your money back based on the 30 days guarantee.

How to Purchase
This data recovery software is available in two different versions for – Windows and Mac OS.
The basic license of iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery is $49.95 for a single iDevice/Lifetime. Business License is $369.95 for unlimited iDevices/Lifetime. For Mac users, download the  iMyFone D-Back for freely.
Final Verdict
iMyFone D-Back data recovery Software is purchased and tested by million of users. And it gets certified that powerful iOS data recovery tools available in the market. So, I highly recommended the users to buy and use this Software.

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