How to Turn on Front Speaker on iPhone XR

How to turn on the front speaker on iPhone XR

The front side speaker of the iPhone is very important and helps to watch movies, play music, and games. After updating to iOS 13.1, the iPhone user complained about front Speaker sounds issues.  So, you might turn on the iPhone front speaker on your iPhone. After turning on the speaker, you will get a high sound quality when compared to them before.  So, this article will show you “How to Turn on iPhone Front Speaker on iPhone XR”.  Let get started.

If you have an iPhone sound distortion issue on the speaker,  here’s the solution to fix it.

Solution No.1 Check your Software Update

1. Go to Settings -> General.
2. Click the Software Update option. (If the Update is available, then Click to Automatic Update).

3. Then tap on Download iOS Updates.

Check your Software update

Solution N0.2 Adjust Volume Level

1. Launch Settings->Sounds and Haptics.
2. And change the Ringer and Alerts option.

3. Now, drag and Adjust the volume level as high.

Change the ringer and alerts settings on iPhone


Solution No.3 Disable the Do Not Disturb option

1. Go to Settings ->Do Not Disturb.
2. Check the Do not disturb option is enabled or not. Then tap to disable it.

Disable the do not disturb option on iphone


Solution No.4 Change Call Audio Routing to Speaker

1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch.
2. Scroll down the screen & Click the Call Audio Routing.
3. After that, Choose the “Speaker” option.

change the call audio routing to speaker


Solution No.5 Reset All Settings

1. Launch Settings ->General.
2. Scroll Down the screen and tap on Reset.
3. And select the Reset all Network Setting.
4. Enter your Passcode. (If needed or asked).
5. Now again to confirm the process, Click the Reset All Network Settings. That’s it.

Reset all settings


Solution No.6 Reset Erase All Content and Settings

1. Launch Settings ->General.
2. Scroll down the screen & Choose the Reset option.
3. And select the Erase All Content and Settings.
4. Then, click the “Finish Uploading Then Erase” option.

Erase all content and settings


Solution No.7  Enable the Noise Cancellation Option

1. Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Audio/Visual.
2. Then you will see the Phone Noise Cancellation option, turn on it.
3. And drag the balance slider to the Right side.
4. Now, the iPhone Front Speaker option is On.

Enable the noise cancellation option

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The above-mentioned solutions will help you to learn how to turn on the front speaker on your iPhone. If you have any other tips & solutions,  lets me know in the comments. Thank you.

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