How to Optimize and Tune-Up PC Easily?

Optimize and speed up PC easily

Optimize and speed up PC easily

As we are all willing to clean and optimize the PC, but recently, there is no more time to clean the PC and boost the system performance. For that, we have the best PC optimization and cleaning software, IObit Advanced SystemCare It will easily find your system error and repair the problem on your PC. In this article, I’m going to talk about IObit Advanced SystemCare. So why are you still waiting? Simply scroll down the page and take a look.

What is Advanced SystemCare 16

Advanced SystemCare will help you to scan, repair and clear the unwanted files, caches from Windows 10. This feature is not only for removing junk files, but it will also protect the files and improve the overall performance of your Windows 10.

Feature for Advanced SystemCare 16

Do you want to keep your system fast and work better? Here are some suggestions for improving the PC performance. Let’s see what it is.

Clean Your PC With AI 

In the AI Mode, you can intelligently clean and speed up the Computer. And also save your time for scanning and clearing the unwanted file and thirty-party tools from the computer..AI will increase the System performance and it will find system errors and fix them. With a single click, the PC will look new every day. 

Speed Up Your PC With Advanced SystemCare 

If your PC gets slow or lag on startup? There are many reasons for this issue. The exact reason is many unknown applications will run in the background, it will take some space and occupy the memory for that application. This will cause the hard disk lagging issue on windows 10. Advanced SystemCare will fix these issues on your Windows. You can fix 30+ troubleshooting issues. And it makes your system speed up. 

Protect the Data from Advanced SystemCare 

Everyone likes to protect their data and files in a safe and risk-free manner. This advanced SystemCare feature will protect your password and fingerprints on 200+ programs and browsers. It will also update your system to the latest version, and it will carefully block suspicious programs.

Internet Booster

Internet booster is essential for all working people like IT, Professionals, video editors, etc. With a single tap, you can activate the advanced SystemCare feature by increasing your internet speed and allowing you to work more quickly.

What’s new in Advanced SystemCare 16

Let’s look at some advanced features below. Are you curious to look at the latest feature? Come, Let’s break it down.

  1. Firewall protection – This firewall protection will help you to protect your windows and it keeps your system running well.
  2. Software Health – It will protect from some high-risk vulnerabilities.
  3. Real-Time Tune-Up – This will automatically release more RAM and disk space.
  4. Anti-Tracking – It will clear the tracking data and digital printout from your online activities.
  5. Large File Cleaner – It will easily find, locate and remove large files from the PC. And also increase the space to free up your storage.  

We hope you all download the Advanced SystemCare on your Windows. Don’t get delayed, hurry up and download and enjoy the cool features. Thank you…

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