How to fix OneNote for Mac crashes on startup

When using OneNote for Mac version, MacBook Pro crashed. After rebooting MacBookPro, it reported Microsoft OneNote had caused the crash. Then every time when i open OneNote, app crashed immediately.
Reinstalling OneNote Mac app via Appstore or clearing caches, does not fix the issue. OneNote keeps crashing on start.
1. Delete the following folders on your Mac.
2. On your Mac OS X, open “Keychain Access” app and search for “MicrosoftOffice”. If OneNote app recognized that you signed in, you’ll have entry with long name. Delete it.
3. Restart your Mac computer.
4. Then try to launch OneNote app and signing in again.
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If you find any other solution to fix “OneNote for Mac crashes on start”, inform us via comment.

  1. That solution won't work for me. I run OneNote on my MacBook pro, and OneNote keeps crashing every 70 seconds.
    I've searched for those folders ~/Library/Containers/ and
    ~/Library/Group/Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office, and neither one exist on my computer.
    so what do I do now?

  2. Restart the Mac.
    Open OneNote on a PC configured to sync to the same account, and wait for the PC to fully sync.
    Open OneNote on the Mac, and don't do anything until syncing is complete.

  3. This worked for me! I have a 13" MBP retina 2015
    I found the 2 files and deleted them, although I didn't find the keychain log in your step #2… After I deleted the files I didn't even have to restart – i just re-opened my office apps and signed in again = presto
    Thanks a million.

  4. To access the "Containers" folder, first go into the desktop and open Finder. Click "Go" in the menu up top. Once the drop-down menu opens, hold down the "Option/alt" key. A hidden Library folder will now be available. Click on that menu and you will be able to access the hidden containers folder.

  5. Oh man, lifesaver, couldn't get the app to do anything.
    Worked like a charm. Bookmarked for future reference.
    Thanks so much

  6. I deleted those folders and deleted the keychain access and restarted the mac but no luck. OneNote looks all fresh and new but still crashes in about 10 seconds every time I open it…

  7. This solution erases all the data on your local computer, so if you have synchronization issues and not everything is in the cloud, I'd recommend you DON'T do this. I lost everything and had to go back to the trash can and restore the deleted folders.

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