Reduce High Windows Server Use on Yosemite

Lot of Mac users faced this problem. Windows server dragging Yosemite down. So MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac mini running slow. Activity monitor app shows Windows server process using 40 to 80% CPU usage.
Turn on Reduce Transparency

  1. Navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and mark the checkbox Reduce Transparencymac reduce transparency

Enabling this option will reduce Windows server CPU usage around 10%.
Remove unwanted items from menubar

  • Unwanted Menubar items like MozyHome, Crash plan and little snitch might increase Mac OS X CPU process. Disable the animations.
  • Also apply the icon theme of CrashPlan to “No animation”.

Turn off Automatic Graphic switching
Some Apple laptop models like MacBook Pro have 2 graphic processors. This issue might happened because of the one of the processor handling transparency.

  1. Navigate to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Energy Saver and disable the Automatic graphics switching (uncheck the check box). automatic graphics switching mac

Disabling this feature force your computer to use powerful processor.
Delete System Preference File (Longer than 2.7 MB)

  1. Navigate to ~/Library/Preferences.
  2. Change the View type list view and sort the file by size.
  3. If your system preferences ( file size is longer tan 2.9 Mb, move the file somewhere else on computer.
  4. Restart the system and check the issue. If you face any new issue, move the file back to the right folder.

Only use OS X Yosemite Bright mode
If you are currently using Mac OS X Yosemite Dark mode, navigate to Apple menu > System Preferences -> General and uncheck the checkbox Use dark menu bar and Dock.
Also read our suggestion to prevent high windows server process on Mac.

  • Go to Apple menuSystem Preferences -> Dock and select the checkbox Automatically hide and show the Dock.
  • Don’t use Accessibility zoom with multiple monitors.

Also provide your own suggestion to fix the windows server issue on Mac.

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