Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone & iPad

Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone & iPad (2022)

In the olden days, there are so many relations to bring up a child with care and love. With the elder's guidance, the children knew what is good and what is bad? But nowadays the situation seems to be impossible because a big family setup is nowhere no! Though this small family setup has benefits that also have many drawbacks, one of the most important things is child care. So many new generation parents need the advice to take care of their children that too from mobile usage because in most of the family both husband and wife are working. In this article, I am going to discuss the best parental control apps to monitor your children.

1.Parental Control & Screen Time


  • Parental Control & Screen TimeThis app helps parents to monitor their children all the time.
  • Because this has the facilities such as an app blocker.
  • Via app blocker, you can stop the internet and also any within a single touch.
  • App list helps you to check the apps that your children are using.
  • App rules use to block particular apps.
    Block texting, this app particularly blocks the apps which are access to texting.
  • Kid tracker with this you can track your child's location with the help of Family Locator.
  • Screen time allowance, with this you set limits for the screen. Porn-blocker, aid you to block porn content on your children's iPhones or iPad.
  • Also, there are many facilities to control your kids.
  • This app could help the parents to track their children's whereabouts and their activities by pairing their iOS devices with Our pact parental control.
  • Even with this, you can guide your children.
  • This app requires. iDevices which have iOS 9.3 or later versions.
  • Also, it is available in many languages like English, French, Dutch, and so on.

2.Qustodio Parental Control App($54.95)


Qustodio Parental Control App


  • It is the best app to monitor your children and you can use the free version in it with minimum features available.
  • And if you wish you can use the paid version with extra features.
  • You are free to use the premium version for three days.
  • But it is considered to be a very short-term trial.
  • The main superb feature is there is a panic button available in this app, Kids can access the panic button through that app even.
  • So when the kid hits that button you will get a panic alert.
  • A location tracking facility is also present.

3.Net Nanny Parental Control App($39.99)


Net Nanny Parental Control App


  • It is highly suitable for younger kids. So that you can always monitor your kids.
  • Setting up this app was a little bit struggle.
  • But once it is set up, it is very much easy to use with blocking the ads and other inappropriate websites.
  • It is highly expensive in cost.
  • The remote time-out feature is a big advantage in it.

4.Mobicip Parental Control App


Mobicip Parental Control App

  • This is the best app to monitor your children with care with the facilities which are provided.
  • There are options to block the internet and some unwanted apps,  set a time limit for the internet, browsing reports, YouTube filtering, and age-appropriate filter settings too.
  • With a single parent account, you can monitor as many numbers of devices, even computers, so it is a secured app for your family, school, and even business.
  • There are so many options in this along with the above facilities.
  • It also supports LTE, 3G, 4G, EDGE, and other WiFi connections too.
  • This will supports the iDevices which are having iOS 8.0 or later versions.
  • Also, this is available in the English language only.

5. Kidslox – Parental Control App



  • Another trustworthy app for maintaining your family is Kidslox – Parental Control App, with this app you can control as many devices with a single account.
  • This too has the facilities such as the previous two apps, but apart from that, it has the option to set the schedule for homework timer, supper, family time, and bedtime.
  • So with this, you can instruct your children always with perfect care.
  • The Lockdown and Child mode option will help you block all the social media apps, stop safari browsing, and block unnecessary app purchases like game apps, and other unwanted things such as porn content, violence, gambling, and so on.
  • Also, your children can’t change the Kidslox PIN.
  • Totally with this app, you and your family will experience the perfect parental monitoring app.
  • Your iDevice should have iOS 9.3 or later versions.
  • This is available in many languages including  English, French, Russian, and so on.

6. Plano – Parental Control App



  • This is another noteworthy app to save your kids from the dangerous side of the internet.
  • With this problem-free app, you can safeguard yourself from myopia, also as like the above apps, it will filter unnecessary things from your children’s devices.
  • Even you can come to know with the notifications when your kids crossed the limited zone.
  • Also, this app instructs your children to keep their eyes away from their smartphones, also after a particular time of usage, it will automatically activate the Blue light filter to save their vision.
  • Also as with the previous app, you can set the Screen time activation.
  • So with this, you can lock their device for some time.
  • There are also so many options to teach good habits to your children.
  • This app requires iOS 9.0 or later on your iDevices.
  • This is also available in four languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

7. ScreenGuide Parental Control App



  • In this app, you have options to prevent your kids from entering unwanted websites, app blocking options, and even you can lock their device whenever you want.
  • Also, you can witness the apps installed on your children’s mobile, and learn about the apps they are using.
  • Also, it won’t allow them to install new apps, by blocking the app purchase.
  • This prevents your kids from excessive use of iMessage, and FaceTime apps. Also, you can block social media apps.
  • Even you can block the Camera, and the Game center, and also stop them from changing their Apple ID, and internet access.
  • This will be accessible in three languages like English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Also, it needs iOS 9.0 or a later version on your iDevice.

Final Verdict:

So, Guys, I have given you the Best Parental Control Apps for your iPhone/iPad. With these apps, you can monitor your children and grow them as good individuals.

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