Wi-Fi Icon Missing On iPhone 8, X (Here is the fix)

Wi-fi icon missing on iPhone

Recently I am facing a problem that I couldn’t find the Wi-Fi icon on my device. Sometimes it seems to be a frustrating issue. And also many peoples are suffering from this problem. Later, I searched many ways to find the solution at last I found some fixes to get rid of this issue. It's really worked for me. So, here I gonna share those fixes with you. Ok, let's get started.

Fix 1: Restart your device

  1. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the slider appears.
  2. Now slide to power off
  3. Again, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see an Apple Logo restart it.

Fix 2: Reset your device

  1. Press the Home Button and Sleep Button simultaneously until you see an Apple Logo
  2. You can just ignore the slider and continue to hold a button for 5-15 seconds.

Note: You will not lose any of your data or settings by doing this fix.

Fix 3: Turn ON and OFF Airplane mode

  1. Go to Settings and tap on the Airplane mode.
  2. Now toggle ON and wait for few minutes.
  3. Again toggle OFF it.
  4. Now check the Wi-Fi icon is appears on your iPhone.

Fix 4: Turn Off and then Turn On Wi-Fi

Turn Off and then Turn On Wi-Fi

  1. Go to Settings-> Wi-Fi->Forget this Network.
  2. Reboot your device and wait for few seconds.
  3. Again login to your Wi-Fi Network.

Fix 5: Power Cycle your Router
powercycle router

  1. Switch Off and Unplug the power from your router.
  2. Wait for few seconds.
  3. Again plug the power back into the router and check whether your device is connected to the internet

Fix 6: Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings

After resetting Network Settings, reconnect your Wi-Fi network and then try connecting it again.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Select the General option.
  3. Scroll down and select Reset.
  4. Now tap on the Reset Network Settings.
  5. Enter the password, if asked.
  6. Then tap on the Reset Network Settings option from the pop-up.

Fix 7: Restore your device to Factory Settings
reset all


  1. Go to Settings -> General-> Reset.
  2. Then tap on the Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Enter the admin password and restriction password
  4. And tap on the Erase Now option.
  5. Next, select the Erase iPhone to confirm an action.

Note: It is advisable to backup all your data before doing this fix.

Fix 8: Turn Off Location Services


Always make sure to turn off the unwanted location services for unused apps.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Tap on the Privacy.
  3. And select the Location Services-> Turn it off.

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Fix 9: Force Restart

  1. Press the Volume Up button and release it quickly.
  2. Press the Volume Down button and release it quickly.
  3. Again press and hold the Wake/Sleep button until you see an Apple logo on your device.

Fix 10: Update iOS

  1. Launch Settings and tap on the General.
  2. Now select the Software Update.
  3. If any update is available then tap on Download and Install.

If you still facing this issue then kindly contact your Apple support. And if you have any doubts or suggestions let me know through the comments. Thank you.

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