iTunes Error code 5105? Here’s how to fix it

When am trying to update the apps in iTunes, i just got an error code 5105. This error code denotes the problem in a registry and it is not allowing me to do anything about the screen saver. I just tried to set up my pc to boot on the screen menu but it is not at all responding. Try the below suggestions to resolve the iTunes error.
Symptoms of iTunes Error code 5015
iTunes Error 5015 messages show up at the time of program installation, when Apple Inc.-related Software program is on process. During Windows startup or shutdown or during the installation of Windows Operating System,

  1.   When Error code 5105 arrives, it smacks the active program window.
  2.   While running the same program, PC repeatedly crashes with Error code 5015.
  3.   The code of “iTunes Error 5105” will be displayed.
  4.   Then Windows runs and responds very slowly to the input of keyboard or Mouse and computer will become motionless for few seconds at a time.

Factors behind the cause Error 5105

  1. Incomplete installation or corrupt download of iTunes Software can be the cause of the Error 5105.
  2. Error occurred in Windows registry due to the iTunes Software change.
  3. Window System files gets corrupted, because of Virus or iTunes related program files.
  4. Carelessly, deleted iTunes-related files.

Note: Run time Errors cause “Error 5105”. To resolve that troubleshoot the problems.
Solution 1:Run as Administrator
Close and restart iTunes running it as administrator.
Solution 2:  Fixing iTunes Error code 5105 On Windows 7/8/8.1

  1. Choose ->Your Username Folder on desktop and select- > Organize-> Folder and Search Options-> Mark “Show Hidden Files, Folder and Drives” and Unmarked “Hide protected operating system files”. Click OK.
  2. Move “Apple Computer” folder to desktop from App Data> Roaming>.
  3. Install Revo Uninstaller and using it delete iTunes App.
  4. Reboot your system and after restarting it view  Computer -> Program Data and delete the folder “Apple Computer”.
  5. Install iTunes  and Reboot the system again.
  6. Select AppData -> Roaming ->Apple Computer and get back that folder that you moved to desktop. Now iTunes will work.

Solution 3: Deactivate PC and other devices

  1. Deactivate your current authorized PC or Devices.
  2. Activate new PC to fix iTunes Error code.

Solution 4: Disable and restart Bonjour
Disable Bonjour
Disable Bonjour in Task Manager and then Re-start it. This process can fix this iTunes Error code 5105.
Solution 5: Reinstalling new or previous setup

  1. Download a new or previous setup.
  2. The setup will ask for repair or remove iTunes when it starts to install.
  3. Select repair to end this iTunes Error code.

Solution 6: Uninstalling and reinstall iTunes app
To fix this iTunes 5105 Error code, Uninstall the iTunes app and reinstall it.
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Solution 7:  install QuickTime Player
Install QuickTime Player through Apple Software Update to open this iTunes app.
Other recommended solutions

  1. Check the credit card info in your account and fix it.
  2. Scanning a Malware of your PC will help you to get over this Error code issue.
  3. Achieve clean installation of Windows.

If you knew any solution regarding this iTunes Error code 5105, please inform us using comment.

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