don't have permission to see its contents, Mac fix

When users try to open certain folder, external hard drive folder on Mac, they getting error message like “The Folder can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.
you don't have permission to see its contents
Solution 1:-

  1. Highlight the folder which you can’t gain access. Right click the folder and sect “Get Info”.
  2. At the bottom you can find the section named “Sharing & Permissions”. Expand this out and select the lock in the lower right. It will popup a prompt for admin password and should unlock.
  3. Once it unlocked select the + sign and add yourself.  Then change your permission from read only to read/write.

Note : Some subfolders also need to have their permission adjusted.
Solution 2:-
Open Terminal and type the following command to fix this problem.

  1. sudo chflags nouchg

At this point drag and drop the drive you want to change the settings. Ensure there is no space after the “g” in terminal command.
2. Hit return.
You will get the message like “ensure the path is correct”.  Then press return.
3. It will ask your system password. Type the password (Its look like nothing happened when your type the password. No problem).
4. Navigate to the drive.  Select the “Get Info”. Now you should able to change the settings on the permission for the drive.
5. Restart your computer and check the issue.
Solution 3:-
Open Terminal (Applications ->Utilities)  and type or paste the following command.
sudo chflags 0 /volumes/*
sudo chmod a+rx /volumes/*
That’s all.
If you knew any other fixes, inform us using comment.

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