How to Change Calorie Goal On Fitbit Charge

How to change calorie goal on Fitbit charge

In this fashionable world, everyone needs to maintain their fitness for a pleasant look. But we don't even have time to care for ourselves. So many of them using Fitbit to manage their fitness. Sometimes Fitbit can't help you to keep your calorie level up. It's time to burn your de-trop calories by changing your calorie goal on the Fitbit charge. Let's get started.

How to Change the Calorie intake

If you want to change your calorie intake, you need to edit your Food Plan. Here you can see how to do that,

  1. Go to your Dashboard, and then click the gear icon in the lower-left corner from the “Food Plan” or “Calories”.
  2. Besides to “Plan intensity” tab on the Pencil icon.
  3. Choose your plan intensity from the drop-down window. Select your Food plan to your preferred amount for that click the arrows in the lower right corner. Now, your food plan will be set.

If you are not satisfied with that goal, there is one more option to set your own calorie goal.

How to Set your Own Calorie Target

There is no opportunity to set your own calorie target using the Fitbit Android App.

  1. Tap on the gear icon of the food plan title -> click on the Pen symbol.
  2. View the Food Plan intensity under those plans. In that, you see “Set my own calorie target”.
  3. Click on the target and enter your Food plan. Then press “Done”.

Set own calorie target
To Edit Calories on Windows 10 App

Do you want to change the calorie, then go to the Dashboard -> Nutrition and body -> and click on an Edit calorie deficit.
Fitbit also shows calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sodium, and protein in each daily total.
You can also post your idea on the Feature Suggestion board.

How to Adjust your Calorie Goal in Old Calorie Tiles

  1. Select the menu from the Online Dashboard.
  2. Choose the “Old tiles”.
  3. Choose the settings cogwheel in the old calorie tiles to adjust the calorie goal.

Steps to Change Calorie Goal with a New Consolidated Tile

  1. View the “See More” banner from the consolidated tile and then click on the cogwheel.
  2. Now change your calorie and then click Done.

Stop Calories based on Exercise

Go to Dashboard from your Computer. Below the Gear icon, there are two options: Personalised and Sedentary. Choose the Sedentary option this will stop adjusting calories based on exercise.

Manually set your Daily Calorie Goal

Log your ‘current weight' as your ‘goal weight' and select ‘Maintain‘. It will provide you to reach the required calorie goal weight.
MyFitness Pal
It is one of the Free calorie counters. Millions of people use this to lose weight. Using these calorie counters, you can keep food and calories on a daily basis.
There is a way to find your food plan using the online dashboard.

Hope this article will help you to change your calorie goal using Fitbit charge. And if you really like this article, then share it with your friends and others. Then if you have any queries regarding this article, tell me in the comment box.

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