Fixed: Can’t Delete/Move Apps on iPhone and iPad

One of the iPhone users had the problem that he is unable to delete apps on iPhone. When he pressed and held the app to delete, the app was opened. Then he googled how to delete an app on iPhone. He got many answers. Here I am going to share those solutions with you.
Note: You can’t delete system apps (those come with mobile, those you are not installed). But you can move them. So before deleting an app check whether it is a system app or installed app.
Devices: iPhone 6, 7, 8, and 8 Plus.
Solution 1: Disable 3D Touch
You might have activated 3d touch accidentally. So turn off it.

  1. Launch Settings->General->Accessibility.
  2. Tap “3D Touch”. Then turn off (toggle off) it.
  3. Then try to delete the app using solution 2.disable 3d touch

Solution 2: Don’t press the App icon hardly

  1. Select the app that you want to delete.
  2. Press and hold the app until the ‘X’ symbol appears at the right upper corner of the app icon. Don’t give a hard press. Just press and hold the app icon lightly. Before the ‘X’ symbol appears all the apps will shake.
  3. Now tap ‘X’ symbol that appears on the app you want to delete.

Note: When you press the icon hardly, you will get an option to share and the app icon won’t shake.
Solution 3: check the Restrictions for Deleting Apps
If you want to delete the app, the Restrictions for Deleting Apps should be turned on. If it is disabled, you can’t delete the apps.

  1. Go to Settings-> General-> Restrictions. Enter the passcode if asked.
  2. Scroll down to find “Deleting Apps”. Make sure that the Restrictions for Deleting Apps turned on.
  3. If it is not so, turn on it.restriction deleting apps

Solution 4: Move the apps

  1. Press and hold the app icon that you want to move. When you do this the app will shake.
  2. Then drag the icon and keep it wherever you want on your iPhone.

Note: Don’t give a hard press that will lead to get share option.
Solution 5: Don’t use the finger that you set up for fingerprint ID
You may set up Fingerprint ID for your iPhone.
When you want to uninstall the app, don’t use the finger that you have set up for Fingerprint ID.
If you know any other solutions to fix this issue, let us know through your comments.

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