Can’t Download Apps in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad – Solved

After updating to 1OS 12, I can’t download apps From App Store. When I was trying to Download apps from App Store, I couldn’t. It was really frustrating. One of my friends gave me some solutions to fix this issue. After trying, I could download apps from App Store. Here’s this content is telling about how to fix unable to download apps from App Store. If you have this issue, this article will help you.can't-download-app-from-app-store
Solution1:: Force Restart
iPhone 6 and earlier
Press and hold the Home Button and Power Button (Sleep/Wake) until the Apple Logo Appears.
iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
Press and hold the Side Button and Volume Down Button until the Apple Logo appears.
iPhone 8, 8 Plus, & X

  1. Press the Volume Up Button and release it.
  2. Press the Volume Down Button and release it.
  3. Press and hold the Side Button until the Apple Logo appears.

Note: Don’t press “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” at the same time.
Solution 2: Sign Out and Sign Back into the App Store
This method may have solved your problem. Try to sign out and sign back in App Store.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “iTunes & App Store”.
  2. Tap “Apple ID” -> “Sign Out”.
  3. After few seconds, sign in back.

Solution 3: Check Restriction For Installing Apps
Make sure that the restrictions on your Settings are disabled. If it is enabled, then you can’t install any apps.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “General” -> “Restrictions”.
  2. Then enter your passcode and check Installing apps.
  3. Finally, turn on “Installing Apps”.

Solution 4: Check Airplane Mode
If the Airplane Mode is turned on, your device won’t be connected to its cellular or Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you can’t download or install any apps.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> check “Airplane Mode”. If it turned on, you just turn off it.
  2. Another way is to check is, open control center and check here.

Solution 5: Manage Storage
Sometimes, lack of storage on your device might not let you download any Apps on your iPhone or iPad. Make sure that your device has free space to download/install apps.

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “General” -> “About” -> “Available Storage”.
  2. Then check how much free space your device occupied. If too high, delete some unwanted apps, songs, and photos.

Solution 6: Change Date and Time Automatically
Sometimes, the date and Time Settings can affect your app downloading feature. Change the date and time to set automatically.

  1. Launch “Settings”.
  2. Click “General” -> “Date & Time” -> toggle on “Set Automatically”.

Solution 7: Renew Lease

  1. Launch “Settings” -> “Wi-Fi”.
  2. Find your Wi-Fi Network and tap (i) icon which is next to it.
  3. Finally, tap on “Renew lease”.

Solution 8: Restore your iPhone in DFU/Recovery Mode
Before doing it, backup your iPhone. Because this action may erase all data from your device.

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac/Computer via Lightning (USB) cable.
  2. Open iTunes on PC/Computer.
  3. Make sure that iTunes is updated to the latest version.
  4. Then Force Restart your iPhone
  5. Don’t leave Buttons after seeing the Apple Logo. Keep holding it until Recovery Mode screen (iTunes screen) appears.
  6. Select “Update” or “Restore”  in the pop-up box. If you select “Update”, iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without deleting your data. Wait until the process is finished.
  7. Then Force Restart your iPhone.

Note: If it doesn’t work out, select “Restore” instead of “Update”.
We hope those above solutions solved your problem. If you have any doubt regarding this article, tell us through your comments.

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