Block Calls, Text Messages on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you don’t want to receive phone calls, FaceTime calls or text messages from a particular person, you can easily add them to blocked list.

iOS also allow you to filter iMessages from particular person, who are not saved in your contacts.

How to add a contact or mobile number to blocked list

Follow my step by step guide to add someone to your blocked list from FaceTime, Messages app, Contacts or phone.

  1. Press the i symbol next to the mobile number/contact that you want to block. block number on iPhoneIf you want to block persion in your Message app, open the conversion  and press the Details, then press i symbol.
  2. Scroll down and press “Block this Caller” in Info screen.
  3. Press Block Contact.

How to open and edit your blocked list

You can view your blocked list contacts in Settings.

  • Settings -> Phone -> Blocked.
  • Settings -> FaceTime -> Blocked.
  • Settings -> Messages -> Blocked.

How to filter iMessages from unknown senders

iOS 8.3 offer new feature to filter iMessages from people who are not save in your phone contacts.

Navigate to Settings -> Messages and enable “Filter Unknown Senderd”.

Now open your Messages app. You can see new tab for Unknown contacts.

iPhone settings messages blocked

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