5 Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone

As the quote says ”Time is precious cannot be bought”. In the world of smartphone and iPhone, we use calendar app and meeting schedule tool to schedule our time. To check how the time is spent we need a time tracking app. The time tracking app that can tag projects, create reports and export to an invoicing tool are in need. We discuss with some familiar apps for both freelancers and teams here.

Best Time Tracking apps for freelancers and personal users

1.HoursTracker ($3-Free)


HoursTracker is an app that works in iPhone is the best time tracking app with the features to add unlimited jobs and tasks, set the clock in and out as a need to start, review hours for certain period of time, Export data from email in CSV or any readable format. The app comes with free trial version and easy to understand and use. We have “Clock in Now” button to track the time by scheduling all the jobs that we have to do. We can edit the job and switch between jobs when we want to track time for another task. HoursTracker is an excellent app that is flexible and gets started easily.

2. Toggle ($10/Mo per user(Pro), Free)

The Toggle is sleek design, easy to use the time to track app used in iPhone as well as desktop. We can also tag time entries in order to write in multiple projects. We can use $5 pro plan to upgrade by mentioning plan as billable. Report types of Toggle include a variety of report types, Filters, the ability to bookmark reports, export to CSV, PDF or excel that are really good. The Toggle can access the timer from the device when set as Today. The app comes with 30-day free pro trial and can also be integrated with zipper, leaving possibilities for automation.

3. Hours (Free)

Hours a simple app without many extra features. Forbes mentioned it as “The perfect iPhone Time tracking app”. Its features include a visual timeline, smart reminders, can export to PDF or CSV format. It has Today view Gadget to see the start and stop time gaps worked. We can set time rounding rules and notes.We can integrate and export to Fresh books. It is available only for iOS devices and does not have a Web app or Chrome extension.

4. Timely ( Free, paid plans from $14/Mo)

Timely is differentiated from other apps by combining scheduling and tracking in the same place.We can use Google Calendar toe black for different projects. Just by dragging and dropping we can adjust the time blocks.We also can Integrate Timely with other calendar apps. It is available for iOS devices and Apple watch and can be exported to excel or PDF.

5. TimeCamp (Free-1 user,From $6/Mo per user)

Time tracking specifically designed for teams with many good features is Time camp. The app focuses on the timesheet of every company. The list of all projects and it's task ongoing are listed keeping most recent ones on the top. It has Todo list to update the priority of the task and schedule according to them. We can also set keywords to auto assign activities to the project. The mobile app and desktop version of the app are also available.

Best Time Trackers for Team

1.Harvest (Free-1 user,4 clients,$12/month-unlimited clients)

Harvest is a well designed, usage friendly and can be integrated many other timer apps is time tracking app for both freelancers and Team. The features of this time tracking app makes it a powerful app. We can Report and graph the outcome of the project and also export documents. The app helps in creating a dashboard for the project and track the status of the project. Each one of the Team can track time and it comes for the web, mobile as well as desktop. It can accept and recognize different time formats and reminds team members to submit their time sheets.

2. Paymo ($4.95/month per user)


Project management time tracking app that covers project management invoices, team management, reporting collaboration, allow time tracking is Paymo. The interface is clean elegant allows to select project task with added note and to start. It runs in the background of the computer to automatically track the timing of the task. We can assign the tasks done to the appropriate project. Reporting comes with many filters and other options to customize timesheet.

3. ClickTime ($10/month per user)

ClickTime tracks the time for the entire team and helps in deciding the time allotment for next project. The entire team report is seen in one place through this app and can calculate the total cost and profit margin of the project based on the team's time investment. Based the information we can decide new projects time dedication expected and estimate the potential effect put for the project to calculate the potential.

4. ActiveCollab (Free -trial version 1 month,$25/month for 5 users,$499 for self-hosted)

activecollab app
Teams that have built-in time tracking, ActiveCollab is a web-based project management tool. Each member can log in at the time and for each project, separate billing rates can be followed. We can buy a self-hosted app at a one-time price.

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