Best Running Apps for Apple Watch (FREE)

Best Running Apps for Apple Watch

Are you a sportsperson? Are you looking for the best Running apps for your iWatch? If it is yes then you came to the right place. Yes, in this article I will show you what are the best running apps that perfectly match your Apple Watch. Ok, let's get started.

Map My Run (Free)

Map My Run
May my Run is a fitness tracking application that enables you to track all your fitness activities. This app uses GPS to record all workout details. For every mile you go, you will get feedback about your performance using this app.

The best feature of this app is we can connect with millions of people worldwide.


  • Analyze your performance on every mile or every workout including distance, pace, and calorie burn, Activities are walking, cycling, gym workout, yoga, and others.
  • We can also find the correct route, distance, etc.


It is a free app so many handy features get locked.

RunKeeper (Free)

The RunKeeper app is used to track and calculate accurate pace, route distance, and cycling speed.

Using this app you can maintain a detailed history of your fitness activities and you can also share that with your friends. This is a multifunctional app you can easily use with your fitness gear.


  • You can share your progress details with friends.
  • High accurate pace, distance, and calorie tracking.


  • The paid version is expensive.
  • There is a constant reminder to upgrade the pro version.

Strava (Free)

This app is specially designed for alpha runners.  You can track runs and rides using iPhone GPS and can compare runs and rides with your friends.


  • Track your runs and rides with GPS.
  • Climb the leaderboard.
  • Follow friends.
  • Find places to run and ride.


  • You can measure your activity in detail.
  • Share your activities on social media channels.


  • Less control.
  • Limited goal tracking feature for premium members.

adidas Runtastic (Free)

This app works only with the Apple watch. It has a music control option. Runtastic is not a free app to download. The benefit of this app is you can start tracking your fitness activities such as walking, running, jogging, and biking using GPS.

adidas Runtastic

  • Social sharing is available.
  • For convenient tracking auto-pause mode is available.
  • Detailed statistics and monthly workout charts.


  • The Pro version app is expensive.

Nike+Running (Free)


It is one of the best-running apps. For beginners, this app helps to easily track their runs and improve their performance. You can control your weight using this app.  Nike+Running motivates you to reach your goal. At the end of every year, you can save $40.


  • All the features can be freely used.
  • Get daily workout plans.


  • GPS mapping is sometimes inaccurate.

Run 5K (Free)

Run 5K

You can improve your fitness using Run 5K which is more user-friendly. This app comes with an eight-week training program.

  • Works outdoors and indoors.
  • Include the Apple Watch app.


  • Specially designed for weight loss.
  • A built-in audio coach is available.


  • The battery gets drained if you use longer time.

Weight loss for Running (Free)

Weight loss for Running

This app is specially designed to lose weight. You get slim within 8 weeks.
RunFit is used to trace the activities like running, walking, and other workouts.

RockMyRun (Free)

RockMyRun for iPhone

This app gives you the best workout music so you keep up your energy while running. If you start working with this app, you can feel the difference in your workouts. It works similarly to other running apps Nike+, RunKeeper, etc.


Increases your confidence level.


The paid version is expensive.


These are the best running app for Apple Watch. If you know any other apps that work superly then let me know through the comments section below. And keep supporting

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