10 Best Email Clients for Mac OS X

Free email app that comes with OS X is called Apple Mail. But this app have some limitations and less feature. Lot of 3rd party Mac email clients offers user friendly interface and great features to manage your emails.

In this article we discussed about list of best email clients for Mac OS X Yosemite and Mavericks.
Best Email Clients for Mac

Postbox 3 ($10)

Lot of Mac users think this app interface have traditional Mac look and feel. But it has smart design and lot of impressive features. It is really easy to setup new POP and IMAP accounts in Postbox 3. You can connect your Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn accounts with Postbox. This way you can directly post to all three social networks from Postbox.

It also have great feature like To-Do mode which allow you to create new tasks and convert existing email into tasks. Postbox app allow users to integrate RSS reader to track their favourite feeds. Its also support Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Best one for business use.

Inky (free)

Inky offer clean, colourful interface and securely store your POP and IMAP email accounts on its remote servers. Its automatically detect and organize courier package information, daily deals, subscription newsletter in right categories. But some of the cons of the Inky is, it does not offer business user friendly feature like to-do list and email shorting.

Mail pilot ($20)

Mail pilot treats your email inbox as a to-do list. Its IMAP only and provide different options to navigate threads. But somewhere it still under construction program. Each message is a task that you can check off right away and you can set a reminder to remind about on a certain date. Its provide Keyboard shortcuts at the bottom of the screen to make changes faster.

Unibox (19.99)

Unibox has sleek one window interface,which makes maximum use of space that display your mail clearly. It is really easy to Setup IMAP accounts in Unibox. Unibox displays them not by message title but by the sender of the mail. You can view sender's message thread from top of the screen.

Mac OS X Mail (Free & Inbuilt OS X program)

Max OS X Mail is a easy to use free email program which comes with Mac OS X. One of the Mail app advantage is Spam filter -which avoid junk emails. It allow users to send up to 5 GB  files via iCloud and MailDrop service. Mac Notifications centre provide message alerts.

Mozilla Thunderbird  (free)

It is a secure email client, chat client and RSS reader. It allow you to  handle mail efficiently with style. Manage your emails using tags. It also remove junk mails using special filtering method. But it have some cons. It does not show related documents, sites, messages etc. Its manage RSS feeds, IMAP, POP and OAuth2 email accounts. A built in chat and constant messaging client allow you connect with and exchange messages through social networks like Facebook chat, Google chat and Twitter.

Opera (free)

Opera is a small, fast and secure email client that supports RSS feed Reader. Using Opera mail client, mails can be searched with speed. It have best spam filter, address books and smart labels feature.

Airmail ($9.99)

Best easy to use email client that supports a number of unique email providers. It has a search function and  supports for markdown plain & rich text andHTML format.Airmail offer larger contact photos for most contacts.

Mailbox (free)

This app simplifies mail into set of tasks. It originally released for iOS devices. Mac version is a beta version and currently free.

Sparrow (free)

It brings Gmail conversations, labels to the Mac computer. Email comes with organised way. It supports multiple mail accounts,. But it does not provide filters and can't undo moving mail. Sparrow supports quick replies and allows user to open quick look previews of email.

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