15 Best iPhone Apps for Business Users, Travelers

iPhone is a device, we use everyday for personal tasks. But with the help from the Apple app store Apple iPhone also has a place in the world. It has the potential to boost your business productivity levels. Some of the highlighted business apps are discussed here.
List of best iPhone Apps for Business owners,users and travelers.
iPhone Business Apps

1. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a most popular business social network,which keep you connected with friends, family and colleagues in career based life. LikedIn app for iPhone is a best way to contact your company employees, other company owners and professional people.
 2. Mailchimp
Best tool to track your company email marketing. It allows you to create and send email campaigns. This app also help business users like analysis tool, used to check data & figures.
3. Evernote
Evernote is another note taking product that has clients available for Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS platforms. With the software installed, you can take notes on any of the four devices and share them with the other three.
 4. Adobe reader
Reader is great free app from adobe family which deals with PDF format files. It allow you to view your office PDF documents in your mobile.
5. Paypal here
This app requires a physical card reader to function. You can order it from Paypal website. Then transaction fee for every payment you accept using the service is charged. Best one for quick worldwide online transaction.
6. HotSchedules
One of the best iPhone app for business employees to manage their work schedules. Check your next working day, connect other users to pickup shifts.
7. Cloudmagic
Cloudmagic is a best email client. Supports up to 5 email accounts. It display individual inbox for each mail accounts and combined inbox to view all your mails.
8. Camcard
This is a best app for business persons who meet & greet new clients or business associates often. It is  has a best feature – business card scanner which help you to manage your business contacts.
9. Splashtop business
Splashtop business app allows you to remotely access your computer from your iPhone or iPad. This app turns the iOS device’s screen into your computer screen.
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10. Onavo protect
This app keep your data safe when you browse & share details on the web. It keep you safe from phishing, malicious and unsecure mobile websites. Also secure your website login information, credit card numbers and bank account details.
11. Facebook pages Manager
Facebook pages manager app from Facebook is help you to update your FB page with posts or images like any other Facebook page. Then you can use the insights tool to analyse and grow your business brand online.
12. Hellosign
Use Hellosign app to import emailed .pdf files or take an picture of the document you need to sign. Once you done this, you can use your finger to create a realistic signature and send the document via email.
13. Percentage calculator
It works with both positive & negative numbers and with 8 different ways of calculating percentages. Within the app, you never get stuck when working out a percentage of number.
14. Dropbox
Dropbox is a cloud based storage system which allow you to sync and access desktop folder in your mobile. It allows you to upload, download files and its provide links to individual files for collaborates to share full subdirectories with coworkers to view common file types like photos, PDF files, spreadsheet.
15. BaseCamp
Best tool forProject Managers to organize latest projects with team. No 1 Project management app for iPhone. View team member complete to-dos as progress and upload files.

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