10 Best Solar (Panel) Chargers for iPhone

iPhone have reasonable battery life. But sometimes new iOS updates cause batter drain issue. When you comes to outdoor like hills, mountain you need additional battery or solar charger. Solar charger are definitely the best option. Solar charger charges iPhone, laptops and tablets with the solar power, the natural resource. The innovative 10 best solar (panel) chargers for iPhone are discussed in this article.
solar charger for iPhone
Power add ($199.99)
Poweradd is a Efficient 40w foldable, easy to carry solar panel charger. It has a voltage regulator to safeguard the Apple device while charging and provides stable voltage. It is made of solar array -conversion 23.5% of solar energy. PET plastic faced solar panels attached with high quality canvas for waterproof.
Anker ($49.99)
Anker is a 14w dual port solar charger. It is very easy to carry. It provides two ports and charge your device with remarkable speed. Compact in size. Charging speed is 2Amps in direct sunlight. It is made up of PET panel placed in polyster canvas suitable for all weather.
Voltaic fuse ($149)
Voltaic fuse is a 4w portable solar charger. This product is lightweight and can be attached to a bag through different tags provided. It is made using recycled PET and so waterproof and UV resistant. It allow users to use five standard adapters.
Levin solpad ($19.99 in offer)
Levin solpad travel solar charging kit is highly efficient. It is waterproof and shock proof. It is made of monocrystalline silicon with patented treatment to increase the energy conversion. It has build in 3000mAh lithium polymer battery which is capable more than 1000usage. It is anti explosive, compact, light weight and has hook to hang it. Its design is thin. Silicon material supports waterproof, shockproof,dust proof and best for all weather condition.
Sun strap solar charger is specific for bags.We can fit it in any bag strap and carry. It comes with 5600mAh battery and uses 1.5w flexible solar panel along with LED indicator to indicate when battery is fully charged.
XD design solar window charger
XD design solar window charger can be fixed in the window. It s made of reusable silicon paper and comes with 1400mAh rechargeable lithium batteries. It has USB port to charge iPhone as well as all other devices with USB port.
Gomadic sunvolt ($139.95 + $6.89 shipping)
Gomadic sunvolt solar charger is made of monocrystalline solar panel. It has a USB charging port. There is no built in battery. If we want to store power we have to use external rechargeable batteries separately. It directly charges the iPhone with the power generated by solar panel using solar energy.
Enerplex ORANGE kickr II ($61.99)
Enerplex is a portable solar charger. It has a capacity to convert 3 watts of solar energy to 5v. It is made of thin, light and flexible solar panels patent with CIGS tech. It comes with case to hold the iPhone that is made of fabric.
Ionus ($19.99)
Ionus solar charger has a dual USB port. It capable of producing 5000mAh power .It also have three blue lights to indicate battery life. It comes with rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. Like all other it is light weight and sleek.
Levin Dual
Levin Dual solar charger for iPhone has builtin 6000mAh rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries. It  also supports USB cable devices.Its can be carried easily due to compact size.
Solar power is considered the best source of energy.A solar charger using such energy itself makes it special. Each one of them have specific design and capacity.They all are compactly designed to apt for outdoor emergency. iPhone users with solar charger can enjoy their outdoors without battery drain problem.

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