10 Best iPhone 6 & 6S Slim Cases

Best 10 iPhone 6 & 6S Cases

Usually, iPhone users protect their devices with the case, because iPhone is a very expensive one. And one more thing is choosing the best case is very important and difficult to find. So, here, in this article, you can easily pick the right one among the list of cases is based on their features. Most of them prefer slim cases for iPhone 6S. Let’s see what it is…

1. ULAK iPhone 6S Slim Case ($9.49)

ULAK iphone 6s slim case

ULAK is made with Silicone & Polycarbonate hardback cover that will protect you from scratches. And this case is specially designed for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S. The slim and lightweight design will help you to handle the phone easily. Shock-resistant technology will protect the iPhone from a drop.  With soft coating and rounded edge give you a comfortable grip. There are 7 more attractive colors are available in this product. You can choose attractive colors from this.

2. OtterBox Symmetry iPhone 6 Slim Case ($7.99)

Otterbox iphone 6 & 6s case

Do you want a better case for your iPhone? Then this is the right one. Otterbox Symmetry case is specially designed for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S. It is a slim fit and lightweight design that gives you an additional feature. Then this extra feature is shock absorption and scratches-resistant protection. There are 2 colors are available for this product – Black & White. A Pocket-friendly case helps you to save the phone and free up the hand.

3. Kwmobile Silicone Case for iPhone 6 ($10.99)

Kwmobile tpu silicone case

The kwmobile case LOOKS and FEELS just like the real deal. The phone case is thick, which gives you an impression that it will offer some protection if it falls, and it fits snugly against the camera lenses and buttons. You can get the real color exactly as pictured. The case will fit your iPhone corner perfectly and looks fine. Easily access your iPhone and use the touch screen easily. And there are plenty of colors are available at the Kwmobile case. Just pick and enjoy the real features.

4.Obliq ($34.99)

OBLIQ iphone 6 case

Obliq is an iPhone 6S slim case that is made from strong polycarbonate with a metallic finish. The metallic design gives a fancy look to the case and the case has perfect cuts to access all buttons and ports.it comes in a wide range of colors.

5. Shamo’s iPhone 6 Case ($5.99)

Shamo iphone 6 case

Shamo case is made with Silicone, Rubber, Thermoplastic, Polyurethane, Gel. Compatible with iPhone 6 & iPhone 6S. The slim fit gives a stylish look and perfect design for iPhone 6. Scratch protection and Anti-scratch will protect your phone from scratches, dirt, and etc. It will protect the phone from short drops and makes it much easier to hold the phone. Soft rubber that helps to clean the case easily from taking on or taking off. There is only one color is available for this product.

6. CC Kimico iPhone 6 Case ($6.99)

CC Kimico

Choosing the best case is very important and hard to find.  And if you’re looking for a slim and elegant case. Then, this is the best one for your iPhone 6. The protection is awesome, since it is rubberized material, it covers everything. The ultra-thin and premium matte TPU case will protect the whole phone from damage.

7. Crase iPhone 6 Case ($11.99)

Crave iphone 6 case

It is a durable case and this fits your iPhone. This case has small tabs on each corner that absorb some of the falls, plus it prevents the back from being scuffed up easily when the case is slid around a table, etc. The screen size of the case also has a small lip which helps from scuffing up my screen protector. This case is the ultimate protection from dirt and debris. An extra feature of this case is Wireless Charging Compatible, High-quality TPU + PC, Slim & lightweight design, Heavy Duty, Shock Absorption. There are 10 more colors are available for this product.

8. Elago ($9.99)

Elago iphone 6& 6s case

Elago is an iPhone 6s slim case that is slim, elegant & durable. This case is made with a matte finish to provide additional grip and with polycarbonate material that is flexible. They are available in many different colors and hardly a couple of millimeters thick. It is light weighted and its life is comparatively long.

9. Twelve south ($9.99)

Twelve South Slim Case for iPhone 6s
Twelve South is an iPhone 6S is crafted with leather that gives premium look. The case has features like a wallet feature and kickstand facility but they are slim enough. It can also hold two cards along with the iPhone 6S and are available in four different colors.

10. Acewin ($8.99 – $16.99)

Acewin iPhone 6s Slim Case
Acewin is an iPhone 6S slim case that has a nonslip matte surface coating on it to give grip and fits perfectly with the iPhone 6S. The case has perfect cuts for accessing all ports and buttons in the iPhone 6S. It has five different color options.

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Guys, these are the iPhone 6 case for your iPhone. Now you can easily choose the best one in this article. And if you know any best iPhone 6 cases, please share me in the comment section below. Thank you for visiting our iPhone topics channel.

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